After expanding their main office location in Kenwood and remodeling their West Fork office, Johnson Investment Counsel’s Jason Farler, CFA, Managing Director - Director of Johnson Family Office Services, and Tara Adams, CTFA, Vice President of Trust Services and Compliance, wanted the artwork in their new spaces to make the same powerful statement as the original.

They wanted pieces of art that were unique and would add rich color to their neutral walls. They wanted their new space to make guests and employees feel welcome, and to create a stimulating environment that sparked questions and spurred positive vibes.

With this vision in mind, “We came back to Art Design Consultants (ADC) because Litsa was so easy to work with the first time, and because we wanted there to be a continuation of what we selected with the first project.” – Jason


In the past, Johnson Investment Counsel selected Cincinnati area artists, but this time around they had a unique opportunity to be Purchase Award Partners for ADC’s annual art competition and exhibit Art Comes Alive (ACA). Unlike any other exhibition in the country, ACA showcases over 180 different works of art from artists across the nation and recognizes them as the best of the best. Access to this diversity of artwork is unparalleled and can be a bit

intimidating. But Litsa’s expert eye helped them navigate through the artwork to select the best pieces for their space. Litsa worked to incorporate a variety of mediums from glass, works on metal, mixed media and encaustic pieces to oil on canvas.

“I was thrilled to walk through the art selection process with Litsa. She gave guidance that wasn’t restrictive and helped group pieces together for our space. Working with Litsa took the worry out of it for me, that I might make a poor selection!” – Tara


A striking office with a dynamic presentation of artwork that illuminates the office in color and encourages a positive work environment.

“The staff loves the artwork we selected. It adds an eye-catching element to our space and also gives us a joyous sense being around them.” – Tara

Need your space transformed?

There are several reasons why hiring ADC as your art consultant makes sense - streamlined and easier process, familiarity with artists and their work, space assessment, professional and careful curation, and determination of artistic taste and goals. Whether you’re simply trying to update a space or going for that WOW! factor, ADC helps you determine the right art for your space and goals.

ADC’s new retail gallery is located at 2124 Madison Road, Cincinnati, OH 45208. For more information and to schedule your free art consultation, call 513.723.1222 or visit www.adcfineart.com.