An artist at the Pendleton Art Center in Cincinnati, Carol MacConnell has created an art sale to benefit the Dragonfly Foundation. MacConnell has a longstanding connection with the Dragonfly Foundation. Christine Neitzke, founder of Dragonfly was a collector and friend before her son’s diagnosis of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma at age 12; infact, she was actually in Carol’s studio when the doctor’s calls started coming.

Four years ago, MacConnell developed a fundraising event called “6x6” featuring miniworks created by artists with all of the proceeds benefiting The Dragonfly Foundation. This year, MacConnell reinvented the event slightly, with the help of a generous donation by fellow PAC artist, James Reynolds. This year’s Dragonfly Foundation Art Sale will offer an opportunity for supporters to purchase pieces of fine art for a set price based on size. The sizes and prices are as follows; 

  • 4”x4”   $20

  • 4”x10”   $40

  • 10”x10”    $80

  • 10”x22”   $160

This unique opportunity to purchase custom art at such competitive pricing is perfect for those looking to begin their collection or those hunting for a perfect unique gift.

MacConnell’s support for the Dragonfly Foundation runs deep. The annual Dragonfly Gala theme was inspired by a 66x48 painting MacConnell donated to the cause - a painting with now proudly hangs in the Dragonfly Foundation headquarters. 

Don’t miss the Dragonfly Art Sale on Friday, October 29th, from 5 until 9 pm during Final Friday at the PAC.Valet parking available.

Carol MacConnell is a passionate and creative artist and entrepreneur who’s heart centered philanthropy gives back to children and their families battling pediatric cancer.

CELL: (513) 256-4966

EMAIL: carol@carolmacconnell.com

WEBSITE: www.carolmacconnell.com

IG: @carol.macconnell.art

FB: Carolmacconnell

The Dragonfly Foundation