Flash: The Increasingly Affordable Solution to Data Storage

Flash: The Increasingly Affordable Solution to Data Storage

Growth needs room, and in today’s technology-dependent world, data storage is more crucial than office space. Flash memory solid state drives (SSD) have transformed the nature of computer storage since they are faster than the older, but still common hard disk drives (HDD) traditionally used for storage. 

The main drawback for most consumers is price since it remains a relatively new technology, but clever minds at Tegile Systems are working past that limitation to bring flash technology to organizations and enterprises without breaking their budget. 

Tegile System’s leading-edge data-storage solutions enable clients to accelerate their applications, speeding up how fast they can run an entire business. For clients concerned with economics, Tegile offers hybrid storage arrays that combine the lightning speed of flash with the affordability and high capacity of hard disks. Those interested in maximizing their computing speed without limits have all-flash storage options at their disposal. 

Rob Commins, vice president of corporate marketing, explains the advantages of hybrid flash/HDD storage. “One of our key enabling technologies is the solid-state drive. They are blazing fast and their prices are coming down, but they are still more expensive than hard disk drives.” 

Due to this price difference, Tegile tailors a range of unique hybrid options to fit any enterprise or organization. They have clients in every sector and region, from universities and local government agencies to massive private companies. 

Tegile has saved the University of Northwestern St. Paul roughly $200,000 over the course of five years through data storage alone. After careful analysis, Irish airline Aer Lingus chose Tegile to solve its storage issues as well, thanks to the cost-effectiveness and seamless performance of their all-flash arrays.

“Having hybrid systems as well as all-flash systems allows our customers to balance the right blend of storage media based on their application requirements and budget,” Commins says. 

Every firm is different, so Tegile works to find the best solutions to match each client’s storage needs and budget. With any option, they construct and sell their storage arrays at a significantly lower price versus what storage systems from larger, traditional IT vendors typically cost. This has served them well in competing with other tech giants in Silicon Valley.

“We recently leveraged our hybrid architecture and advancements in flash technology to deliver a multi-tiered all flash array we call Intelli Flash HD,” Commins says.

Thanks to breakthroughs in technology, this all-flash system combines high performance with new heavy density flash that allows clients to consolidate every bit of data into a single storage array that holds peta-bytes of storage space. At the same time, IntelliFlash HD reduces users’ total cost of ownership since it takes up less physical space, reducing energy and cooling costs as well.

For more information about Tegile, call 855.583.4453 or visit Tegile.com.

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