Gayle Hixson: Where Fine Art Meets Fashion

Gayle Hixson: Where Fine Art Meets Fashion
Photography provided by Julie Due Photography

Cincinnati artist Gayle Hixson has always been inspired by her love for cardinals. This passion led her to name her creative space One Red Bird Studio. Her creativity, combined with a penchant for purses, led to her latest venture, ARTful Handbags.

ARTful Handbags are unique, with paintings on both sides of the bag. Hixson creates custom designs for her clients, ranging from small crossbody bags to large totes. The handbags, inspired by assorted styles and colors, are also available for purchase at boutiques throughout Cincinnati, including Loveland and Montgomery.

Hixson began her entrepreneurial journey in O’Bryonville in 1995, sharing a store with two other artists where they focused on painting furniture. As her work gained popularity, so did the design opportunities. Hixson has collaborated with homeowners, builders and interior designers to infuse personalized, artistic designs into their homes. Her work ranges from furniture and cabinetry to hand-painted mural canvases that serve as unique wallpaper, bringing the visions of her clients to life.

Hixson, like many women, has always been drawn to beautiful handbags. After an unsuccessful online search for a particular handbag she had seen, she decided to create it herself. It took some time to perfect the formula for painting a handbag that would withstand wear and tear without cracking, but Hixson mastered it. This led to the birth of ARTful Handbags.

“I am excited to bring my love of textile design to life in a unique way,” Hixson says.

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