Kim Wanamaker: Impressionist Inspirations

Kim Wanamaker: Impressionist Inspirations
Photography by Gary Baker

Art was a constant presence in Kim Wanamaker’s life from a young age. Her father, Bill Duebber, a gifted acrylic painter and graphic designer, worked in his home studio, providing daily inspiration. Further nurturing her creative spirit was her mother, an accomplished singer, songwriter and music teacher.

“I grew up loving every moment with my creative family,” Wanamaker fondly recalls.

This early exposure to the arts profoundly shaped Wanamaker’s future. She graduated from Central Academy of Commercial Art in Cincinnati and embarked on a successful career in graphic design and fine arts. By her 30s, she was showcasing her artwork and quickly gained recognition. A few years ago, she opened her current studio in Loveland, Ohio, where she continues to create and educate.

Teaching art is a rewarding experience for Wanamaker. It allows her to deepen her understanding of her craft while inspiring others. Besides teaching, she enjoys creating large-scale abstract and Impressionist paintings. She also spends time painting plein air, connecting with nature. However, most of her time is spent studying in her studio, accompanied by her two loveable golden retrievers, Libby and Findlay.

Wanamaker describes her work, directly influenced by her father’s Impressionist style, as “very loose and free.”

Her artwork graces the cover of the winter issue of Venue Cincinnati, a magazine she co-founded with her husband, Steve, 13 years ago.

“I wanted to paint something with a ‘winter in Cincinnati’ feel,” Wanamaker says. “Growing up in Cincinnati, I spent a lot of time near and around Eden Park, so this place has special meaning to me.”

For Wanamaker, art transcends mere expression. It’s a path to self-discovery. “There’s just something about art. It’s healing,” she shares. “A big part of my journey is that I want a place where people can come to not only learn techniques but feel free to grow and discover more about themselves and their creativity through artwork.”

Wanamaker’s work is displayed at ADC Fine Art, where she was honored to be the featured artist at a private show in 2023. Another highlight of her career was when her artwork was featured in “BLINK Magazine,” a publication distributed throughout North America to leading interior designers and art galleries. Currently, she is accepting commission jobs.

Reflecting on her process, Wanamaker says, “Sometimes I am surprised as I paint, and what ends up on the canvas is unexpected, but it’s a reflection of my life journey. It’s a beautiful thing.”

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