Relationships Over Widgets

Relationships Over Widgets

Engineers. Designers. Developers. End-users. Geeks. Problem solving is their passion.

“It’s more about solving a problem and building a relationship than selling a widget,” says Eric Vail,’s president and CEO.

This attentiveness to clients’ business and needs is an integral component of 3z, a provider of comprehensive, scalable and secure application hosting, virtualization and data center solutions. Is your need mission critical or development based? The team of certified professionals efficiently assesses, designs and deploys comprehensive solutions of all types. Many of their clients have been with them 10 years or more, signaling high customer satisfaction.

 “We want to thoroughly understand a client and what their business is about,” says Vail. “All too often technical solutions fail to mesh well with corporate culture. 3z seeks to create effective solutions that meet customers’ goals and overcome constraints. Our unique approach makes a point to create a positive effect on culture and performance with technology.”

3z, which has been in business for 24 years, provides data center network operations, infrastructure management, application hosting and disaster recovery for small, mid-size and Fortune 500 companies and the non-profit community.

The cloud management firm maintains partner level certifications with Cisco, VMWare, Nimble Storage, Microsoft, Citrix Systems, Dell and several others, and serves clients in 49 states as well as Canada, Mexico, most of Europe and multiple Asian countries.  3z has developed multiple leading edge infrastructure solutions based around both Microsoft and open-source products.

More of 3z’s stellar competitive attributes:

  • SSAE16 SOC I and SOC II management controls
  • Multi-tier, high-level, in-house technical staff for quick problem resolution
  • Diversity of industries served providing a wide range of solution sets

“And we have a high customer retention rate,” says Vail, an impressive 95 percent-plus. What 3z doesn’t have, however, is a sales force. All growth is relationship or referral-based.

“We want to establish good relationships with channel partners,” says Vail. “We are looking for companies that can benefit from a technology partner they can either resell or refer to.” 3z has recently hired an individual to head this focus on channel partnerships.

In the 1990s, 3z built and managed traditional client-server networks on-site, along with programming and web development. Today, 3z provides IaaS, DRaaS and CaaS from their Covington Tier 3 data center.  In the last 12 months, 3z has also begun providing DRaaS out of a data center in Denver, which offers East Coast clients some additional options for their DR and compliance needs.

3z is about ensuring security and availability, which equals compliance. “There is a long list of compliance-related items we take care of to satisfy a variety of requirements,” Vail says. “We don’t work with just one particular industry; we’re involved with medical, financial, manufacturing, legal, non-profits and retail. 

“Security and availability are complex issues for many of our clients. Compliance is one of the primary, if not main, drivers for businesses seeking IT third-party assistance.  Clients come to us for guidance on understanding how to manage the increasing threats to their application framework and overall security.”

Today’s on-demand computing environments often leave businesses puzzled as to how to put all the cloud management pieces together.  No worries, according to Vail. 3z is a one-stop shop geared toward helping businesses navigate the ocean of options before investing in a solution.

Because 3z’s products and services are delivered primarily via the internet, traditional geographical boundaries are not a concern. Furthermore, Vail says, products and services are not O/S or platform-specific, as 3z focuses on the technology layers just below the operating systems. Hence, as technology changes, the low-level core offering of the infrastructure remains consistent regardless of any shift in the presentation layers and applications.

3z offers a secure environment where they have full strategic control from biometric security and CCTV systems to comprehensive environmental and redundant power systems from network to storage to presentation layer throughout the entire data center fabric so there is no single point of failure. 

Unlike many cloud providers when it comes to support, you talk to a human when you call 3z. 

“Our help desk will connect you with the right person the first time,’ says Vail. “Our goal is to respond quickly. We understand the urgency of every issue and want to get you back focusing on your business as soon as possible. We will always be a customer service business using the medium of technology to achieve our core mission.”

3z is located at 100 East River Center Blvd, Suite 300, Covington, KY 41011. For more information, call 859.331.9004, e-mail or visit

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