Summer Time – and the Living is Easy

Summer Time – and the Living is Easy

We have had a long, cold winter with freezing temperatures and unseasonable snowfall well into April. Summer is finally here – a welcome breath of fresh air. Today, the outdoors plays a major part in our lives, especially in the summer. We see this in our homes and the attention we give to our decks, patios, pools, gardens, fire pits, barbeques and wet bars. Enjoying the outdoors in a big way, a 2018 landscaping survey reported that over a quarter of home owners now have outdoor living areas significantly larger than inside their home.

Today, time spent outdoors with family and friends can be enhanced by bringing our traditional indoor entertainment into the fresh air. Hanson Audio Video can work with you to design an outdoor entertainment environment that was never before possible. Sophisticated, elegant and powerful, today’s outdoor A/V systems are capable of delivering great music along with TV, movies and a host of advanced capabilities and options to improve your time outdoors.

Outdoor viewing, has only recently achieved new heights in performance quality. The breakthrough is in features that automatically adjust backlight brightness and picture contrast in response to changes in outdoor lighting. This is accomplished by creating picture mode variations made up of 100 brightness settings and 10 LCD picture adjustment settings. Your display gradually adapts to changes in ambient lighting for a smooth transition throughout the duration of your show. From pre-game to post-game, batting practice through extra innings, you will always enjoy the best possible picture. Movie fans can now watch “High Noon” at high noon or “Moonlight” by moonlight on perfectly optimized screens.

Configurations designed and installed by Hanson A.V. using industry leading components provide benefit beyond quality audio and video. They are specifically designed for use in our outdoor climate. Operating temperatures range from 30° F below zero to 122° F so they can be enjoyed year round. The electrical components are verified safe for outdoor use and are sealed against rain, snow, dust and insects. Chassis are corrosion free and video screens use tempered glass for safety. Unlike normal TV’s and speakers, the Hanson outdoor equipment has warranties valid for outdoor use.

Hanson A.V. represents the finest design and installation of outdoor entertainment systems available today – and backs that up with their local, highly trained and credentialed support team. Hanson has a free outdoor consultation service and an outdoor display area in their showroom where you can actually experience many of the options available to enhance your outdoor enjoyment this summer. 

Hanson Audio Video in Montgomery is located at 10800 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242, (513.563.0444) and in Dayton at 3140 Far Hills Avenue, Dayton, OH 45429, (937.293.6200). For more information, visit

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