The   Gold Mine of Every Company

“The most important, sensitive and financially valuable intangible asset for any organization are their databases,” explains Steve Woody, president of CommitDBA.

Databases can hold information from a client’s various email addresses to the number of bottles that can fit on a particular shelf to the last time a patient’s prescription was filled. The successful collection and management of this information can help in analyze business operations and market trends.

“While there have been tremendous improvements with database technologies,” says Woody, “databases can’t just run on autopilot. Database environments are complex with multiple stacks of hardware, software and various applications interacting and communicating with each other around the clock.”

Woody explains that many companies might not be using the power of their databases to their full advantage.

“Databases are really the gold mine of every company and greatly benefit them if the data is mined and used correctly. If you wanted to test my theory, tell any senior corporate executive that their database has been lost or hacked and witness the panic.” 

“Smart businesses see database management services as mandatory, not a choice. Unavailable data means lost revenue, lost productivity and delivery problems. Data that doesn’t have adequate backup or recovery plans in place leads to unrecoverable data which is a disaster for any company.” 

Based in Dayton, Ohio, CommitDBA services databases of all sizes throughout the U.S. and Canada and has recently expanded to Europe.

“All databases are different and we tailor our support to fulfill our client’s requirements on an individual level to monitor, manage and stabilize their databases,” says Woody. “We look to optimize performance through maintenance, reliability, administration and architectural function to keep the databases running without any problems.

“Our customers range in size from small organizations with one or two databases to large organizations with hundreds of databases. Some of our customers may have several million dollars in revenue each year while others are more in the Fortune 1000 range.”

CommitDBA has been a long time Oracle and Microsoft partner supporting their database technologies.   Most recently, CommitDBA has also partnered with Dell Products as part of their Manage Services Provider program to license their industry-leading database monitoring platform, Foglight.

“It’s a priority to continue to keep pace with emerging technologies by investing in them with time and money,” says Woody. “We use robust, state-of-the-art products to provide real-time alerting and diagnosis of database performance, sustainability, and quality issues.”

Another example of harnessing technology to benefit the client is migrating a company’s existing, on-site database into a cloud-based computing platform. By working with clients from the beginning of cloud adoption, Woody and his team ensure its success and then begin to monitor and manage it.

“Database cloud migration and managing is just one of our services,” says Woody. “When compared to competitors, we offer far more services at very reasonable fees, which saves clients time and money by hiring just one company instead of two or more.

“Our team of DBA experts are available 24/7 and we thoroughly analyze and assess each company’s database to find the best solutions available for performance, backup, recovery and security.”

CommitDBA offers database security provisions as the last line of defense to prevent data breaches, by assessing security layers and recommending appropriate security stacks based on the client’s environment. According to a recent FBI report, 80% of the companies who had data breaches, were not proactively monitoring their databases.  

Providing database services since 1995, Ross Group branded CommitDBA in 2012 and have clients residing in virtually every industry: medical, health, financial, travel, manufacturing, retail, nonprofit, government, information technology and membership services.

“Much of our growth comes from our strong Web presence and referrals,” says Woody. “With technological advances, we can offer virtual and remote managed services to any location and are not restricted to only customers located near us geographically. However,  we have many satisfied customers in southwest Ohio since we started and are headquartered here.”

CommitDBA is headquarted at 2730 Indian Ripple Road, Dayton, OH 45440 and has an office in Atlanta. For more information, call 844.220.4272 or visit