65 Never Looked This Good

65 Never Looked This Good

Turning 65 is often synonymous with retirement and the notion of winding down and settling into the “last chapter of life.” It is the age where the metaphoric finish line of your career is just on the horizon, and you are struggling to endure the last bit of the race to cross it. But what happens after the race? You feel a sense of achievement, but this feeling is often muddled with exhaustion, apprehension and uncertainty. Why? If you ask Doni Flanigan, 65 is not even close to the end of the race. Flanigan is taking on 65 with more vigor, energy, wisdom, professional drive and ambition than he has ever in his life. 

Doni Flanigan is best known for his stunning and opulent interior design and luxury home renovations. He is a master of his craft, and his work goes above and beyond the construct of a home and becomes a work of art. Flanigan’s love of beauty, determination, charisma and undeniable creativity transcend into every facet of his life, and at 65, he is a trailblazer and a role model for other men to become their best selves, no matter their age.

It was important for Flanigan to focus on improving himself in all aspects of his life and to create an image that would promote confidence, energy and positivity. He found that as he transformed his body through daily horse riding, work activity and light-weight workouts combined with healthy eating and Nugenix Total-T, a natural testosterone builder, he became holistically more fulfilled. 

“Love yourself enough to get up and get moving,” Flanigan says. “I have always been confident, but I am now seeing how this positive outward change has really improved every part of my life. I am a better spouse to my incredible wife who has always been an inspiration to me. I am a better father, grandfather and great-grandfather because I am keeping myself healthy and in great shape to be an active participant in their lives for many years. I am a better professional because I feel and project more confidence.”

Flanigan can transform a room into a work of art through his signature gold leaf accents and exquisite, historically accurate French molding. This attention to detail and craftsmanship was the same quality he sought when looking for someone who could complete his image. Flanigan wanted to find someone with the same passion for design who would dress him like a rockstar, and he could not have been more pleased when working with Chuck Hellman, owner and founder of Hellman Clothiers. 

“Hellman Clothiers is the top place for men’s fashion in the world, and it is located in Cincinnati,” Flanigan says. “Their collections are hand-curated from the highest quality of American and European brands. Chuck Hellman is a superstar dresser and I have nothing but great things to say about him.”

Looking dapper and playing the role of the sharp-dressed man, Flanigan is outfitted head to toe by Chuck Hellman and is posed in a closet of his own design. He constructed the closet with floor-to-ceiling poplar wood that is soft to the touch. The closet is complete with a spiral coat rack that can hold up to 40 suits, and the ceiling and walls are accented with beautiful gold leaf.

Flanigan is notorious for creating extravagant, custom-built closets that are aesthetically striking and innovative in their design. Flanigan’s secret to creating amazing closets begins in his unique design approach.

“I sketch every part of the closet on the walls from the hanging racks to the posts, knobs, polls and moldings,” Flanigan says. “I include every single detail so when the client walks into the closet, they can visualize exactly what the design will look like, and we have the opportunity to change anything that they do not like.”

Flanigan’s professional passion and creativity extend into his love for music. This renaissance man is also a professional country-western singer and songwriter. He and his wife breed Arabian horses, and he is always looking for new opportunities to bring more creativity and beauty into the world. 

One of the biggest things Flanigan hopes to achieve through sharing his journey of self-improvement is to help instill confidence in other men. It is his desire for others to become motivated and continue to pursue their passions. He wants them to take the time to self-care and cultivate an image that leaves them feeling self-assured and secure. Flanigan hopes to serve as a mirror for other men to show that at any age, you can do better, look better, feel better, be a better spouse and parent, be successful and pursue new dreams. It is never too late to be the best you that you can be.

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