A Hidden Urban Oasis

A Hidden Urban Oasis

A couple had been searching for a project in Over-the-Rhine when they stumbled upon a former warehouse that was in disrepair. Though it was a massive undertaking to overhaul the space into a modern single-family residence, they were eager to tackle the challenge because finding so much space in an urban area is incredibly rare. Plus, the property’s massive size meant there was potential to create a yard.

The homeowners spent many nights and weekends doing the demo themselves, then recruited Wentz Design to help with the dynamic transformation.

“We had a vision to keep the home unassuming from the street so anyone walking by would think it was still a warehouse,” says Erin Seger, project manager at Wentz Design. “The inside, however, opens up to reveal an urban oasis!” The property is nearly 300 feet deep, and they built the 4,500-square-foot residence in the first 50 feet so the rest of the property could become outdoor space. They kept the original brick walls from the warehouse but ripped off the roof to fashion a large courtyard with a pool, gardens, lawn, and plenty of space for entertaining.

Other fun elements include a large kitchen and great room that opens to a deck overlooking the courtyard; skylights, which make the space feel bright and airy; and a modern staircase with a glass bridge.

“The couple had a clear vision for this project and even did a lot of the work themselves,” says Seger. “It was truly a collaborative effort between us and the owners, and I know everyone involved is so proud of this project.”

Wentz Design is located at 7813 Ted Gregory Lane, Suite C, Cincinnati, OH 45242. For more information, call 513.745.0420 or visit wentzdesign.com.

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