A New Life for a Classic Home in Amberley

A New Life for a Classic Home in Amberley

When a Cincinnati couple first came across a house in  need of attention in Amberley Village, they fell in love. The  house, which is set in the woods and was originally erected  in 1962, had gone through a number of major renovations  through the years. As a result, it was a bit of a medley of styles  and structures. The new homeowners had a grand vision,  however, for the 1,200-square-foot main living area, which  included the great room, kitchen and dining room.  

“The layout of the home was tight and not conducive to communal family gatherings and a modern lifestyle,” says  Shannon Riley, an interior designer with Voltage Furniture. “So, they gutted the space and completely remodeled it, taking out all of the inner core and leaving an open rectilinear space for the architect to mold.”  

The homeowners approached Riley for help with  lighting and furniture selections as well as input on wall  coverings and flooring.  

“They asked me to come up with an aesthetic that spoke  to their personalities and their life,” says Riley, who used  two London Art wallpaper murals as a springboard for the  evolution of the space. “They wanted modern, so I came  up with a fun, classic, inviting as well as modern aesthetic.” 

Due to the tremendous size of the room, Riley was  tasked with making spaces within the space. So, for instance,  she placed a large sofa in the middle of the room to create  an intimate cozy nook. Due to the room’s grand wide-open  size, however, the furnishings can be reconfigured at any  time to create a new look or feel. Having this flexibility  in furnishings enables the homeowners to flip-flop rooms  whenever they like. For instance, a corner of the room is  glass all-around, so they could put their dining room table  in that corner to create a whole different experience.  

“We evaluated different ways to utilize their furniture  so they can change it at their discretion,” says Riley. “It is  such a gorgeous space. We are thrilled with the results!”

Voltage Furniture is located at 3209 Madison Road, Cincinnati, OH 45209. For more information, call 513.871.5483 or visit voltagefurniture.com.

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