Cincinnati Pool & Patio: It’s Not Too Late for Outdoor Living

Cincinnati Pool & Patio: It’s Not Too Late for Outdoor Living

It seems like everyone in Cincinnati wanted to start a home project for outdoor living and entertaining during the pandemic. Mark Hicks, the owner of Cincinnati Pool and Patio, says it’s the highest activity peak he’s experienced. “That’s even coming from those who’ve been in this business forever,” Hick says. 

The constant demand for in-ground pools, outdoor kitchens, backyard fireplaces, fire pits, and pavilions is keeping Hicks and the rest of his team busy. But it’s not the only reason clients come to him. Hicks and his team are a complete package for almost any outdoor project. Instead of using subcontractors who can be unreliable, they have their own staff that stays with them from project to project. This helps them maintain consistent, high-quality work as well as staying on schedule. 

“We provide all the services in-house, except for the excavation,” Hicks says. This also allows them to deal with the details that other companies might leave to the homeowner. “We handle all the permitting where a lot of other companies don’t,” Hicks says. Cincinnati Pool and Patio walks their clients through every aspect of customizing their own outdoor living space. This means navigating choices about landscaping, hardscaping, fencing, electrical options, and even furniture. They even have an in-house design consultant who can make finished projects dazzle with the right touches, like lighting. Hicks encourages clients to give lights as much consideration as any other aspect of the design. “It makes a huge difference for the look,” he says. 

Hicks and his team pride themselves on making outdoor spaces both beautiful, functional, and stress-free. “People are spending more money to have less maintenance,” says Hicks. “We try to build it as maintenance-free as it can be — for instance, installing pools with retractable covers and UV sanitation. We want to make it as simple and easy for the customer as possible, and I think we’re good at that.”

When customers come armed with ideas for what they’d like, the team at Cincinnati Pool and Patio helps them determine what will work best given the unique circumstances of their land and home. Sometimes, this process leads the client to realize something they truly wanted for the space that they hadn’t realized before. “Most places will just try to sell them something, whether or not it makes the most sense for the customer,” Hicks says. “Instead, we try to educate them through it.”

For those still wanting to make their outdoor spaces shine, it’s not too late. “Late summer and fall is the best time to install a pool because the weather is typically drier,” Hicks says. “It’s easier to set up and plant the landscaping you want to do around it. Then it’s ready for you to use the following year.”

Mark Hicks’ team at Cincinnati Pool and Patio is ready even as the seasons change. “We’ll work year-round if Mother Nature allows it,” he says.

Cincinnati Pool and Patio is located at 10731 Reading Road, Evendale, Ohio 45241. For more information, visit or call 513-554-0000.

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