Daley Design + Build Utilizes Hidden Accessibility Features to Create Lifestyle Homes That Can Accommodate All Ages

Daley Design + Build Utilizes Hidden Accessibility Features to Create Lifestyle Homes That Can Accommodate All Ages

No one enjoys thinking about how their abilities and needs will change as they grow older, but wise planners will consider how their home will be able to accommodate them as they age. Graeme Daley, founder and CEO of Daley Design + Build, knows how to create luxurious lifestyle homes for buyers of all ages.

“I’ve helped design, develop and build the lifestyle townhomes of Maple Grove in downtown Madeira and am involved in the lifestyle development of Orchard Trail in Montgomery,” says Daley. “I really enjoy the freedom to be creative and thoughtful when designing homes that will be able to improve the lives of others – especially when the solutions may extend the time individuals are able to remain in the comforts of their own home.”

Daley designs built-in accessibility features to be hidden in plain sight.

“A first-floor master suite allows people to live on one story, now and in the future, when it might not be easy to get up and down a flight of stairs,” says Daley. “Another feature is raised bathroom vanities and kitchen cabinets to bring countertops up to a more ergonomic height.”

“Clients also look for barrier-free features like a flush-entry threshold at the front door or the door from the garage into the home. A flush-entry has no steps, which can help with someone pushing a stroller or using a walker. This unnoticeable amenity is not only extremely convenient for someone using a wheelchair, but also makes it easier when carrying in armfuls of groceries or wheeling in luggage.”

Bathroom showers can also become more accessible when following a barrier-free model. “Recessing a shower pan into the floor to create a flush entry condition allows someone to walk into the shower without stepping over anything,” explains Daley.

Daley’s designs breathe new life into most clients’ ideas of what a retirement home looks like.

“I find that a common misconception is that lifestyle homes are just for the elderly and can be rather boring,” says Daley. “We design lifestyle homes with unique styles and entertaining in mind. Instead of racing to keep up with continuous maintenance, a smaller lifestyle home allows people to spend their best years however they wish: traveling the world, experiencing life, making memories.”

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