Remember when life zipped along at such a crazy clip that it felt like we were moving at warp speed? We were running from work to children’s activities to concerts and sporting events, leaving little time to recharge at home. That all changed last spring when COVID-19 forced us inside our homes; suddenly, we were working and schooling virtually as well as reading, resting and relaxing at home. As a result, homeowners adjusted their focus, eager to invest in their homes in new and exciting ways.

“People found a reason to invest in their homes in new and different ways — and to invest in fun and family,” says Chris Strong, Vice President of Marketing at Watson’s.

After outgrowing their flagship showroom, Watson’s remodeled and added on an additional 50,000 square feet to the store. This enables them to offer more options in the way of home office, dining and home recreation. For instance, their selection of high-end pool tables are being designed with new trends and styles in mind. This style evolution is being led by brands like Plank & Hide, who mix design elements like vintage, industrial, modern and more into their tables. Their modern design makes these pool tables look like beautiful pieces of art that you can actually enjoy and play on.

Watson’s wide selection of home recreation products includes the aforementioned pool tables, as well as poker and game tables, air hockey, dart boards, arcade games and shuffleboard. These aren’t the shuffleboards of yesteryear, where players push weighted pucks down a table, trying to rest in a designated scoring area. A new generation of table shuffleboard games has been born that attracts players of all ages. These games include Knock Off, Crazy Eight, Horse Collar, and Tap & Draw, to name a few.

Watson’s design specialists can help customers create whole-home experiences, inside and out. That might mean a theater room with special seating or a rec space with a foosball or ping pong table. Watson’s connects the space together with customized indoor furniture, and they can outfit more than one area. It’s a level of custom service you don’t often see at other

“We believe our job is to inspire people to have fun and create more ‘moments,’” says Strong. “Fun, function and style are very much where we root ourselves.”

Not only have they doubled their showroom space, but they have also invested in bringing in brands and products that elevate and diversify their business and customer mix.

Watson’s works with the best brands and interior designers because they don’t want customers to settle for less, ensuring instead that they find the style, the function and other things they desire so that they love their space.

This year has been difficult, no doubt, but it has taught us some life lessons — namely, that the most precious commodity we have is not money but time — time to enjoy family and friends in places that bring us joy.

“The Watson’s team can help you make your spaces, inside and out, whatever you want them to be during this season of life and beyond,” says Strong. “Your home is a representation of who you are as a person — your style and your family’s love. All so you can find and create more of life’s best moments.”

Watson’s flagship store is located at 2721 W. Sharon Road, Cincinnati, OH 45241. Book a free design consultation at