Jay Bedi: Universal Values - Creating Community and Bringing People Together

Jay Bedi: Universal Values - Creating Community and Bringing People Together
Photography provided by Jay Bedi

“I’ve seen first-hand how the hospitality industry not only drives economic growth but creates job opportunities and serves as the backdrop for our most cherished memories — from family vacations to important business meetings taking place every day,” says business consultant Jay Bedi. “Shared experiences and relationships are more vital than ever before, and hospitality plays a central role in bringing people together.”

Bringing people together is what Bedi does best. After opening one of Cincinnati’s first Indian restaurants more than 20 years ago, Bedi found his calling in events and wedding planning.

Today, he has set even higher aspirations for himself. “I’m focusing my energy on meaningful projects that tackle important issues in our society, like mental health awareness and improving public transportation,” he says. “It’s been a diverse and fulfilling career path, driven by identifying challenges ahead and determining the best solutions.”

Bedi is also a consultant at Elevated Minds Academy, a preschool and daycare center that provides science, math, language skills and other creative curriculum to children ages 6 weeks to 12 years. “If we can help kids build firm foundations at young ages, their futures will be incredible,” he says. “Plus, this model is serving as a pilot to turn blighted real estate into a profitable business that does the best thing for kids, parents, our community and the stakeholders in the business.”

Bedi believes hospitality, at its core, embodies the universal values of warmth, empathy and the art of making people feel known and truly welcome. “It’s a force that transcends cultural divides, enriching our lives by forging connections, fostering understanding and creating a sense of belonging,” he says.

That sense of belonging — and a commitment to bringing people together — has served Bedi well during his past two decades in Greater Cincinnati. He is eager to meet and collaborate with other individuals who share his interests.

“I have a track record of starting, running, investing in and developing businesses and real estate, and achieving rapid growth and successful exits,” he says. “Whether you have a business to sell, a property to develop or a partnership to explore, I would love to hear from you and see how we can work together.”

Email Jay Bedi at jay@deltahotelscincinnati.com to contact him.

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