Ohhh So Relaxing


Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spa opened in 1983 in a little gray house on Montgomery Road. Since then, it has grown to include four full salon and day spas, plus a hair-only Pump Salon. Deborah Schmidt was the visionary behind this voyage.

Mitchell’s is a full salon and day spa that offers services from hair, nails and skin to makeup, eyebrow threading, massages and wet-room body treatments. Our skin department also offers specialized anti-aging services to target those “glorious” signs of aging. 

Our pillars of success are customer service, technical excellence, staff and client education, passion, pride and fun. Our mission is to provide clients with the service they deserve and then some, making sure you leave more relaxed and a little lighter on your feet than when you arrived. And on our off days (we all have them), we guarantee we’ll make it right. We always stand behind our work and we value your feedback to help us continue to improve and be the best of the best.

We were recently recognized for our luxurious spa services, awarded Best Day Spa, Best Skin Care and Best Hair Removal by CityBeat magazine for 2016. We were also named Best Hair Salon.

Our facilities are geared toward relaxation. Our West Chester and Kenwood locations include private spa lounges and dining rooms for full-day clients (or parties), as well as a private relaxation room at Kenwood.

The technical excellence of our staff ensures your service is memorable and ohhh, so relaxing … a true day spa experience.


Education is key

Education is one of our core pillars for our new hires and continuing education for our current employees. The better our education, the better your service. The two go hand-in-hand.

Each Mitchell’s department has its own customized training plan. New hires learn and test our services offered before they are approved to perform those services. Our most rigorous training schedule is for our hair department. Linda Edwards, education director for hair, teaches our associate stylists from nine months to one year as they master their craft of cutting, coloring and styling hair, and everything in between. At the end of the program that consists of countless model requirements, the associate stylists audition upon graduation before becoming a Mitchell’s designer. 

We pride ourselves on our education and the resources available to our staff to keep their professional flame burning bright. This not only keeps our employees engaged and constantly growing, but also ensures our clients receive the best service possible, from technical and customer service standpoints. 

We believe our education department, internally and externally through our vendors, is second to none. Our staff travels around the world to participate in and learn from career enhancing experiences. Education is not limited to service employees, but also includes our reservations department and receptionists.

The Mitchell’s mission? It’s all about our commitment to customer service excellence. It’s all about you.


From Our Hair Designers

Question: What are the hot hair trends for spring and summer? 

Answer: As warmer weather approaches, clients want that natural, sun-kissed look. Balayage – a coloring technique designed to create natural looking highlights that grow out without developing a noticeable and obvious root – is still very much in demand with good reason. It’s beautiful and requires low upkeep (read: easy on a budget). Also, full bangs are coming back, along with longer, more modern renditions of the versatile shag hairstyle.


Question: What should I expect when I experience my first Mitchell’s haircut, from start to finish?

Answer: You should expect a five-star experience for your first haircut and every one after that. Not only will you get an excellent cut technically, but your stylist will spend the time to teach you how to recreate the look at home with the right products and techniques. As for the actual experience, you’ll start with our informative consultation where the two of you will decide on a plan of action to achieve your desired look. You’ll then go to the bowls for a luxurious shampoo with amazing smelling products from Oribe or Bumble and Bumble. You’ll enjoy a great scrub with a relaxing head massage, finished with a conditioner customized for your specific hair type. Then it’s back to the chair where your stylist will get to work on your cut. When every aspect of your cut is perfected, your stylist will blow out and style your hair using the best styling products for nourishing and protecting your hair. Once you approve your new look, you are ready to take on the world. 


Question: What is the best way to let short hair grow out?

Answer: No way around it – growing out your short haircut can be a daunting task. The secret seems counterintuitive: trim your hair every six to eight weeks. It’s a journey that takes time and patience. Your Mitchell’s stylist will reshape your cut from what could look like that “awkward grow-out stage” to an actual style that complements your features and looks purposeful (even through those tough transitions).


Question: When is the best time to begin thinking about my wedding hairstyle?

Answer: As soon as you become engaged or as soon as you know what kind of wedding you’re having. Is there a theme? What kind of dress are you wearing? During which season of the year are you getting married? Updo? Downdo? Color? All are important questions to consider when choosing a hairstyle for that day. Pictures are always helpful, but keep in mind your hair type versus the hair type of the model in the photo. Bottom line: What hairstyle will you be most comfortable in during that very long, albeit, momentous, day?


From Our Nail Technicians

Question: What can Mitchell’s customers do between mani-pedis to help keep their fingernails, toenails and feet healthy?

Answer: Solar Oil, which is used to condition the cuticle and keep fingernails and toenails healthy, should be in everyone’s home. Use it daily. We also recommend cucumber heel therapy, an intense moisturizing lotion that penetrates through all layers of the skin, working from the inside out to soften those pesky callouses and keep feet smooth between appointments.


Question: How long can a Mitchell’s customer expect a professional mani-pedi to last?

Answer: Manicures will last two weeks; pedicures from four to six weeks.


Question: Describe a Mitchell’s mani-pedi. How do they differ from other salons?

Answer: Mitchell’s offers customers a luxurious, one-of-a-kind experience. It begins in our massage chairs, where you will enjoy everything from sugar scrubs to top-of-the-line scented lotions. You can even enjoy a delicious fruit and cheese tray if you so choose, as well as unlimited complimentary beverages.


Question: What is the most enjoyable aspect of being a Mitchell’s nail technician?

Answer: We enjoy making sure all our clients have the best nail salon experience possible. We see to it that all our clients are happy with services received and that they are excited for their next visit.


From our Estheticians and Makeup Artists

Question: What are the popular trends for spring and summer? 

Answer: One big theme is a softer, more feminine look. Monochromatic pastels, glowing skin and full eyebrows are must-haves.


Question: What is the secret to blending one’s blush so it looks natural?

Answer: To get that natural finish, gently move your blending brush in small circles around the edges of the application to smooth, hard lines. Be sure to blend the edges of any highlighter you’ve applied, too, to professionally bring all aspects of that natural look together. 


Question: What’s the secret to making eyebrow liner look natural?

Answer: Hands down, it’s the retractable brow pencil by Jane Iredale, a super soft pencil with an application that lasts all day. Start by brushing the brows in a natural direction (usually with an upward stroke, but everyone’s brows differ, so just brush in the direction of hair growth). Twist the pencil tip out about 1/8 of an inch and apply small hair-like strokes, lining the brow and filling in sparse areas. Smaller, more wispy strokes appear more natural. However, if you prefer a darker, bolder brow, use a brow bush (or an angled liner brush) and either a brow powder or eye shadow – depending on your desired pigment – and gently press the powder into the areas that need to be filled.


Question: How important is a daily, healthy skin care regimen?

Answer: Your face is the first thing people see when they look at you. So it’s important for you to invest in you. Regular professional visits are just as important as home care when it comes to obtaining or maintaining healthy skin. We enjoy using Glymed Plus, a home care system that is broken down into four steps (the bottles are numbered for ease and clarity). This system is designed to cleanse, treat, balance and protect your skin. When you care about your skin, you give yourself the best possible canvas so when it comes time to apply makeup, you have already put your best face forward.

Mitchell’s Salon & Day Spas are located at 5901 East Galbraith Road, Cincinnati, OH 45236 (Kenwood); 11330 Princeton Pike, Springdale, OH 45246 (Tri-County); 7795 Discovery Drive, West Chester, OH 45069 (West Chester); and 2692 Madison Road, Cincinnati, OH 45208 (Hyde Park). For more information, call 513.793.0900 or visit www.mitchellssalon.com.