Richter & Phillips: Simply Unforgettable

"We treat customers like family. Our client experience is outstanding. We do whatever we can to make our clients happy," says Joe Helm, Diamond & Watch Specialist.
Richter & Phillips: Simply Unforgettable
Photography provided by Richter & Phillips Jewelers

At Richter & Phillips Jewelers, they believe life’s special milestones are meant to be celebrated with extra flair and festivity. Whether it’s an engagement, a wedding anniversary, or a special birthday, this Cincinnati jeweler is ready to help you make those momentous turning points uniquely unforgettable.

“We are committed to making a personal connection with each of our customers,” says Joe Helm, Diamond & Watch Specialist at Richter & Phillips. “Our team goes above and beyond to ensure that every visit feels special and every client feels valued.

“A jewelry store is not your typical retail scene,” he adds. “It’s a huge honor to play such a significant role in commemorating life’s most precious moments. That comes with sky-high client expectations, and our goal is to meet every single one.”

From Wedding Day Woe to WOW!

One day, during Richter & Phillips’ highly anticipated Spring Diamond Sale a few years ago, the doors swung wide open with a deafening BAM! In rushed an entire wedding party, led by a panicked groom.

The bride had given him a wristwatch to wear for their wedding, which was taking place downtown within the hour. The watch was too big, and the groom needed help – fast. 

Without hesitation, the Richter & Phillips team sprang into action, with their Watch Specialist making some quick adjustments, sizing the beloved timepiece perfectly to the groom’s wrist. As the groom and his wedding party dashed toward the door, the jewelry store crew surprised them with some last-minute mementos — Richter & Phillips-branded Bourbon for the groomsmen and sparkling wrap bracelets for the bridesmaids.

Although the groom and his ceremony squad weren’t regular customers, the Richter & Phillips team was happy to turn their wedding day woe into a never-to-be-forgotten “WOW!” earning countless thanks from the group. 

A wedding day saved in Richter & Phillips style!

That’s what sets Richter & Phillips apart from other jewelers, notes Helm, who has worked in the jewelry industry for 42 years. “We treat customers like family. Our client experience is outstanding. We do whatever we can to make clients happy.”

Loved Ones Remembered

Kimberly Brown-Herthel, Diamond Specialist and Custom Designer, has spent more than 15 years nurturing loyal relationships with Richter & Phillips customers who return specifically for her outstanding customer care and astounding design expertise.

Her exceptional communication and design skills beamed brightly one holiday season when she created five stunning diamond pieces for a longtime client.

“His late mother-in-law had bequeathed a pin of great sentimental value to his wife. It had been in her family for many generations,” Brown-Herthel explains. “The pin was beautiful but not altogether practical. We carefully broke it apart, and I designed five customized heirloom pieces as Christmas gifts for the client’s wife and their daughters and nieces. 

“I added an extra ornamental stone to personalize his wife’s piece further,” she notes.

After Christmas, the client returned to the store again express his gratitude for the splendid jeweled accessories, commending Brown-Herthel and the Richter & Phillips team for their exquisite craftsmanship.

“The gifts meant the world to the client and his family,” she says. “It warmed my heart that he trusted me to be a part of this invaluable and endearing project.” 

Good As New 

Repair Specialist Terri Davis has worked at Richter & Phillips for 48 years. She is known for delivering fair pricing, communicating clearly and providing enhanced client experiences, resulting in continued customer loyalty. Davis cherishes each opportunity to repair a client’s treasured trinkets.

“I find it incredibly rewarding,” she says. “When a client entrusts me with fine jewelry that requires attention, I make it my mission to restore it to its pristine condition. Our unparalleled dedication to detail is another reason customers return to Richter & Phillips Jewelers time and time again.” 

Ready to celebrate life’s precious moments in the most unforgettable way? Stop by Richter & Phillips Jewelers at 601 Main St. in Downtown Cincinnati or visit them online at for more information.

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