Settling into the New From Home Normal

Settling into the New From Home Normal

When COVID-19 first made its way into the United States last spring, none of us really knew what would come next. All that was clear was that plans were canceled, timelines were shifted, and we were all spending a heck of a lot more time at home. Whether we liked it or not, we were settling into the “new normal” of working, studying, entertaining and relaxing at home.

“We have so many customers who haven’t been to the office in months,” says Troy Hanson, owner of Hanson Audio Video LLC. “They set up virtual office spaces. In the meantime, their children were also transitioning to online learning, which has created some frustrations.”

When everyone in the house is simultaneously trying to download files, log on to a network and participate in Zoom meetings, it puts stress on the internet and wireless systems. Add music and movie streaming, along with accessing gaming systems, and it all becomes overloaded. Hanson suggests thinking of the problem in terms of the old window air conditioning units that used to cool houses before central air.

“With two or three units spread throughout the house, people had uneven heating and cooling. With central air, however, the whole thing is controlled off of one system,” he says. “The same is true with the internet. When people utilize old routers, boosters and signal enhancers, it’s like putting in a bunch of A/C window units.”

Hanson Audio Video offers one central wireless system that provides coverage for the whole house, which simplifies things and makes everything run more smoothly.

“This enables families to work from home, study from home and entertain from home while still making sure they’ve got the bandwidth to drive all these things, and family can enjoy their time in this space without conflict,” says Hanson.

He has also noticed an uptick in interest when it comes to setting  up  a  dedicated  media/multi-purpose  room.  According  to Hanson, there are multiple options to include TVs and projection systems of various types based on room size, space requirements, lighting, multiple uses (work, school, gaming, streaming movies, concerts, TV shows, sporting events, etc.) with screen sizes to accommodate any environment. Displaying a college lecture on the big screen while having a connected laptop and taking notes at the same time comes remarkably close to a live experience, which has been immensely helpful to many families.

“It’s changed the whole dynamic of what you can do in a media room,” says Hanson. Others have taken the plunge to create a dedicated theater room — especially now that so many movie theaters have suspended operation or shuttered indefinitely.

“For example, if you have the space, we’re putting in 160-inch screens and projectors and installing speakers with great surround-sound so that you feel like you’re immersed in the scene, the game, the concert,” says Hanson. Perfect for television, gaming, sporting events, concerts and movies, folks are doing things on a larger scale than they had before. Today, it’s rare to put in screen sizes less than 75 inches. “Everything is optimized for your viewing enjoyment.”

In addition, homeowners are requesting voice commands, not only for things like music and security but also environmental lighting. Homeowners can adjust color hues and temperatures throughout the day to keep circadian rhythms in check.

There are so many things that homeowners can do to enhance their lifestyle during the new “from home” normal we’re all experiencing. Improved internet experience, a myriad of entertainment options and smart home functionality to control lighting, security,  heating/air,  blinds  and  so  much  more  are  guaranteed  to make your at-home time more enjoyable. The right setup can remove some of the stress currently experienced at home and allow you to relax and enjoy the increased time spent there. Hanson makes that possible through the many services and products they offer. A visit to their showroom on Montgomery Road presents the perfect opportunity to experience the improved lifestyle changes possible in your own home.

Hanson Audio Video is located at 10800 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242. For more information, visit or call 513.563.0444

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