The BMW Store: Unveiling the Ultimate High-Performance SUV

BMW Store adds new model - BMW XM - to its fleet.
The BMW Store: Unveiling the Ultimate High-Performance SUV
Photography by Catie Viox

Exciting news! The BMW Store has just added a new model to its fleet. It’s a truly unique luxury vehicle that will turn heads at every stoplight: the BMW XM.

The new BMW XM is a high-performance SUV with a sleek and modern exterior, complemented by a tech-filled interior.

“This is the only standalone BMW M model since the M1 of the early 1980s,” explains Louis Velazquez, The BMW Store’s marketing director. “It’s not based on a traditional BMW model or series, so it has been completely developed for BMW M. And it’s the most powerful SUV ever produced by BMW M. There’s nothing like it out there.”

This one-of-a-kind SUV is fast, uses a hybrid engine and is built to impress.

“My favorite feature of the XM is its powertrain,” Velazquez continues. “The M Hybrid Power provides a 4.4-liter BMW M TwinPower Turbo V-8 engine with a high-performance electric motor cranking out 644 horsepower, 590 lb-ft of torque and a 0-60 time of 4.1 seconds all, with around 30 miles of all-electric range.”

The BMW Store provides every new owner with a Flexible Fast Charger that plugs into any standard 120V outlet to charge the XM at home. A BMW Wallbox can also be purchased and installed, providing Level 2 charging to boost the battery from zero percent to 100 in a little over three hours.

“Charging is accessible outside of your home, too,” says Velazquez. “There are Level 2 chargers available all around Cincinnati. Considering the XM is a hybrid vehicle, the gasoline V8 engine will provide a range more comparable to traditional internal combustion engine vehicles.”

The smart tech inside the vehicle includes BMW’s standard Active Driving Assistant Professional that allows for hands-free driving up to 85 mph. Twenty speakers bring road trip soundtracks to a new level of surround sound, and the My BMW app keeps drivers connected to the XM at all times.

With a starting price of nearly $160,000, the BMW XM is for an exclusive consumer in a niche set. Customers’ feedback after a test drive almost always contains the same word: impressive.

“The BMW XM is built for the driver who makes zero compromises,” Velazquez says. “The vehicle is equal parts luxury, performance and innovation, and is truly a work of art. It’s the ultimate BMW in every sense.”

Is there a BMW XM in your future? For more information, please visit The BMW Store is located at 6131 Stewart Ave., Cincinnati OH 45227.

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