Ultimate Musical Experience

Ultimate Musical Experience

Over the course of this last difficult year, one way we have healed our hearts, calmed our minds and soothed our souls is by drowning out the world with music. Troy Hanson, owner of Hanson Audio Video, has heard from many people in the medical field who daily deal with COVID-19, and they say that music is the one thing that helps them reset from their high-stress careers.

“Daily they are dealing with the negative effects of COVID-19 and other serious illnesses, so they come home and turn on music,” says Hanson. “It might be symphony or hard rock. It doesn’t matter. They sit down, kick back, close their eyes, listen to their favorite tunes and let the stress melt away.”

A visit to Hanson Audio Video’s showroom enables customers to experience this music phenomenon for themselves. With three dedicated listening rooms, clients can choose from a variety of options. They  sell  high  performance  audio  in  good/better/best/ultimate selections, meaning that they can produce great sound through dozens of types of equipment configurations at price points to accommodate most budgets. They carry in-wall, in-ceiling and even invisible speakers for whole-house implementations. They can also outfit any room or a dedicated listening room with speakers and components proudly displayed.

“Music is a big deal, and we have so many ways for customers to enjoy it,” says Hanson. Some of his customers have incorporated a home theater or media room that includes a giant TV and speakers with phenomenal sound for concerts, gaming, sports or movies, he notes.

“They’ll download a concert of one of their favorite artists, then invite their family and friends over and enjoy a great music performance along with a glass of wine,” says Hanson. “The music heard through quality speakers actually sounds better than being at the live concert.”

Other customers like to hold vinyl record parties where each guest brings a vinyl record with a favorite song and they take turns playing the records while critiquing their selections and munching on hors d’oeuvres.

“Social evenings based around music,” says Hanson. “That’s what I like — bringing joy to people’s lives in ways that they didn’t even know they liked until they had a chance to experience it.”

He has installed “ultimate” systems for people who simply wanted to listen to a recording in the highest quality possible.

“This is the ultimate, where you can hear the artist like he is standing right in front of you to a point where you hear his music along with the subtle sound of his shirt sleeve brushing up against the strings,” explains Hanson. “It puts you right there with the artist for a great experience.”

What’s nice is, Hanson Audio Video has something to fit everyone’s budget.

“If you’ve got a minimal amount of money to spend but want the best sound possible for those dollars, you can get a good system  (the  starting  point  of  the  good/better/best/ultimate  selection), but that good system is going to be better than any other good system you’d buy at that price point elsewhere because of the award winning vendors and the unique equipment we have,” says

Hanson. For example, our speakers range in price from $200 to well into six figures with dozens of options in between. A manufacturer’s good speaker selling for a few hundred may also sell an ultimate speaker for $100,000 or more. The technology trickles down from their ultimate to their best, better and good as well as making them a great buy for the dollar.

According to Hanson, in today’s environment with much of the music we hear on the radio and downloads, you’re not really hearing the artist’s performance the way he or she intended unless you have the proper equipment and high resolution music source to play it back,” says Hanson. “That’s why we are all about experiencing that through a variety of ways — through vinyl records, CDs, streaming music. All of those things can be enhanced to a level beyond what people normally experience.”

Come into Hanson Audio Video’s showroom and experience the thrill of immersing yourself in the ultimate musical experience and hear the difference for yourself.

Hanson Audio Video is located at 10800 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45242. For more information, visit www.hansonav.com or call 513.563.0444.

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