Since 1888, Western & Southern Financial Group has been helping people feel secure and confident in their financial choices. With a new advertising campaign, the company hopes to reassure families that it can be the right choice for financial stability from childhood to retirement.

“We provide services for people and families at every stage of life,” says David Nevers, Western & Southern’s vice president of public relations and corporate communications. “We want those who place their trust in us to feel relaxed and confident that they’ve made the right choice. And we wanted that reflected in this advertising campaign.

“During the early discussions of the campaign, Chairman, President and CEO John Barrett shared an idea of putting the ad to a powerful piece of music; something that could grow to be associated with the Western & Southern brand,” Nevers says. The team wanted something like the iconic Coke commercials from the early’70s that wished to “Buy the world a Coke, and keep it company.” 

“With that in mind, we met with a globally renowned music producer who worked with living legends like Lady Gaga and U2,” Nevers says. “Those conversations ultimately led Mr. Barrett to land on Glen Campbell’s classic version of ‘Gentle on My Mind.’”

As part of the campaign, Western & Southern created and released two new commercials. The first advertisement depicts different people at ease – holding a baby, playing out on the golf course, or doing yoga – while captions explain that these people aren’t worried about things like retirement or paying for college. The second commercial follows the lives of twins from birth to retirement. “We want our clients to rest assured knowing they have the help they need to live the life they desire and to ensure their loved ones are protected,” Barrett says. “In short, we want their financial future gentle on their minds.

“Western & Southern has been providing financial security and peace of mind for 133 years,” Barrett says. “We have done this in the best of times and during some tough times. We’re there for our customers and clients at every stage of life, through good times and bad. All for one overriding reason – our financial strength. We are built to last.

“We are quite possibly the best capitalized life insurance company in America. This strength is the envy of our industry and allows us to be a provider of choice for consumers looking to secure their financial future.”

People may not know that Western & Southern has several member companies like Columbus Life, Lafayette Life, and Fort Washington Investment Advisors. These companies help Western & Southern get the right services to the people who need them.

“Through an ever-growing distribution system, our member companies also serve financial professionals and institutions with small business solutions, institutional portfolio management, private equity, real estate development, brokerage and distribution services,” says Barrett. “For example, the newest member of our family of companies, Gerber Life, has been providing budget-friendly life insurance for children and adults for more than 50 years.”

Even as Western & Southern continues to expand its reach through the country, it will continue to focus on Cincinnati, like it always has.

“Cincinnati has been our home for 133 years, and our commitment to this community runs very deep,” Barrett says. “Our customers and clients know us well, and we hope the only change they notice is that there is a growing awareness outside Greater Cincinnati of who we are and what we do for others.

“Our customers and communities are at the center of all we do, and we are proud to put our financial strength to work for them every day,” Barrett says. “This is all part of being true to the vision our founders had those 133 years ago: We are a human institution serving human needs. No matter where our customers are in life, they can count on the financial strength of Western & Southern to help deliver a secure financial future for them and those they love.”

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