Frost Brown Todd: Raising the Bar for School & Community

"Communities have come to expect more of their schools over the years in terms of the resources and services they provide," says Mason City Schools Board of Education President Charles Galvin
Frost Brown Todd: Raising the Bar for School & Community
Photography by Kerri Hines

“Schools are a reflection of their communities,” says Mason City Schools Board of Education President Charles Galvin. “And, however it’s presented and consumed, education should aspire to set students on a path toward virtuous, fulfilling lives where they can contribute meaningfully to their communities.”

The school board is composed of five members who are elected at large for four-year terms. The board elects its president and vice president on an annual basis. In 2017, Galvin became the youngest person to be elected to the Mason City Schools Board of Education. He became board president in 2020 and was reelected for a second term as a board member in 2021. He was elected as board president once again in January of this year.

Part of what makes Galvin an asset to Mason’s school board is his role as Partner with the Government Services Practice Group at the law firm Frost Brown Todd. The group advises townships, municipalities, school districts, political subdivisions, state agencies and elected officials on legal matters.

“I will always be grateful to have had Charles Galvin as a leader I counted on during one of the most challenging times to lead public schools,” says Mason City Schools Superintendent and CEO Dr.

Jonathan Cooper. “With his leadership, we navigated a global pandemic in a way that cared for students’ safety and mental health while also respecting and listening to our families and community.

“As we plan for 2030 and beyond, I continue to appreciate Charles’ vision, perspective and humor,” Dr. Cooper adds. “A terrific Comet dad, he is invested in ensuring that all of our students and staff have meaningful #MasonMoments.”

As a full-service law firm with a team of nearly 600 lawyers located around the country, Frost Brown Todd knows a thing or two about community and the importance of action.

“One of the things I enjoy most about the Government Services Practice at Frost Brown Todd is getting to work directly with public servants and elected officials. Their decisions shape our communities on a daily basis,” Galvin says. “I spent several years helping other communities face legal challenges before I decided to run for office and felt that skill set could benefit my school district. Serving on a board of education deepened my perspective and appreciation for what many of my local government clients deal with, giving me the chance to see things through different eyes, as the client myself in some cases.”

Whether handling Ohio’s sunshine laws, navigating land use and zoning issues, or working through employment matters, Galvin has been able to use that new perspective to solve clients’ legal problems in new and different ways. He says serving as board president throughout 2020 provided invaluable experience, with Mason City Schools passing its first operating levy in 15 years while navigating COVID-19 challenges.

“Communities have come to expect more of their schools over the years in terms of the resources and services they provide,” Galvin continues. “It’s a constant challenge to meet those expectations — considering the different values that families within the same community might have — while staying committed to responsible fiscal stewardship.”

He is proud and humbled to lead the Mason City Schools Board of Education once again as it continues to make a positive difference, not only for students but also for the community.

“The day-to-day business of schools is handled predominantly by administrators and teachers, but a good board of education provides insight and can speak to the pulse of a community,” Galvin says. “We set guardrails and work to ensure that the school district’s vision aligns with our community’s values, and when it’s not, we recalibrate.”

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