Heritage Club: A Golfer's Paradise with Top-Notch Amenities

"Whether you're seeking a stunning setting for golf with family and friends, a picturesque venue for dining and special events, or a close-knit community for camaraderie and making lifelong memories, we have what you're looking for!" - Heritage Club General Manager Brad Alexander
Heritage Club: A Golfer's Paradise with Top-Notch Amenities
Photography provided by Heritage Club

Heritage Club in Mason offers a world-class golf course, numerous tennis and pickleball courts, a sparkling swimming pool, excellent dining facilities and a newly renovated clubhouse. A state-of-the-art practice center was completed last fall. Members can play golf without needing tee times and enjoy a robust social calendar with events for all ages.

Heritage Club, with its top-notch amenities, is a golfer’s paradise.

“Avid and occasional golfers alike appreciate the opportunity to play here whenever their schedules allow,” says Brad Alexander, General Manager.

Alexander, who only recently joined the organization, is proud to bring his own experience in private club management to Heritage Club.

“I have a passion for the relationship-driven nature of the private club industry,” he says, noting that it didn’t take him long to notice the importance of relationships among Heritage Club members. “The sense of community and kinship here is an asset, and it’s a pleasure that eludes many other private clubs.”

The nine-hole putting green, situated immediately behind the clubhouse, presents a remarkable panoramic view — especially from the alfresco dining terrace overlooking the course.

At just under 26,000 square feet, the renovated practice green will include a variety of impressive features.

“Just like our range,” Alexander explains, “all the surrounds — including the first tee – will be sodded with 007.” It’s a cutting-edge grass that is disease-resistant and stands up to dry conditions and high foot traffic. “More importantly, 007 provides a great playing surface because it’s dense and grows straight up, which holds the ball up, making it easier to strike with a full swing,” he adds.

The green itself will be an A1/A4 blend to match the greens on the course.

Like most private clubs, Heritage offers its members much more than golf. Alexander says some of its most popular attractions take place indoors.

“Our culinary and social event programming is a huge asset for Heritage,” he points out. “Chef Jeff Brown is one of the most talented and capable chefs I’ve ever worked with, and his involvement in designing member events is second to none.”

How about some tunes? The club’s popular “Vino & Vinyl” events pair old-school records with specialized menu items (along with wine, naturally) in its event space.

Members also take advantage of Heritage Club’s robust social calendar. It’s filled with family-oriented events, couples golf celebrations, wine club tastings, holiday-themed dining and so much more.

Heritage Club partners with other local organizations to support community initiatives, such as the Don Greer Heritage Club Memorial Scholarship. This scholarship has been awarded to several employees of the club. The scholarship is named in memory of Don Greer, a former member of the club who was “deeply loved by all, and missed to this day,” says Alexander. “The Don Greer Golf Outing and Scholarship is an enormous part of our culture at Heritage.”

Heritage Club members recently approved the construction of a new pool and tennis/pickleball facility. The project will begin late fall and will be completed in 2024.

Indeed, Heritage Club offers an unrivaled experience for members and their families.

“Whether you’re seeking a stunning setting for golf with family and friends, a picturesque venue for dining and special events, or a close-knit community for camaraderie and making lifelong memories,” Alexander says, “we have what you’re looking for!”

Time to elevate your golfing experience? For more information, visit heritageclub.com.

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