JDRF: Bringing Back Cincinnati’s Best Bash

JDRF: Bringing Back Cincinnati’s Best Bash

As the world slowly attempts to return to its pre-pandemic life, the annual JDRF Bourbon & BowTie Bash is also getting back to an in-person party. This massive event went virtual in 2020 and still raised nearly $200,000 from at-home guests. This year, JDRF is  keeping socially distanced at a smaller venue, the Newport Car Barn, and have limited the event to 600 guests – significantly less than the 2,000 that normally attend.

Even though the party will be smaller, the bourbon and the fun will be at its normally high levels and will continue to support a great cause – finding a cure for type 1 diabetes. This year’s staff planning co-leads, Hadley George and Becky Gaible, put together the event with the help from a number of Bourbon & BowTie Barons and Baronesses.

“As in previous years, guests can enjoy bourbon tastings, light bites from the area’s best restaurants, a bourbon raffle and auction, and dancing and entertainment,” said George. "While smaller in size, we promise to deliver the hottest party in Cincinnati that people know and love!".

The JDRF Bourbon & BowTie Bash will be held on Oct. 23. For more information, visit jdrfbourbon.org.

2021 JDRF Bourbon & BowTie List of Barons & Baronesses

BowTie Barons & Baronesses are young professional leaders in the community who volunteer to help JDRF fundraise for the event.

Normarys Perez-Linn

Marketing and Human Resources

Connection to type 1 diabetes? “My husband has type 1 diabetes.”

Go-to quarantine activity? “I was able to occupy some of my downtime making masks for first-responders and hospital workers.”

Brent Linn

Owner of Chick-fil-A Fort Wright

Connection to type 1 diabetes? “I was first diagnosed with type 1 diabetes 28 years ago.”

Go-to quarantine activity? “I’ve been working my way through my family’s old cookbook. I’ve tried a lot of my grandmother’s different recipes.”

Jason Canup

Green Township Police Officer

Favorite bourbon: Eagle Rare

Connection to type 1 diabetes? “My grandpa had type 1 diabetes, and I’ve lived with the disease for the last 24 years.”

Why support JDRF? “They’ve made so many advancements to manage this disease. I think that with enough support and research, the young people dealing with it today will have a cure before they get to be my age.”

Kelli Canup

RN at Cincinnati Children’s 

Favorite bourbon: Weller, but heavy on the Diet 7-Up!

Why support JDRF? “After living with my diabetic husband, Jason, for about 17 years, I’ve learned that this disease doesn’t take vacations. It always needs managed. I find myself wanting to support JDRF in hopes of continued research to have a cure for those living with type 1 diabetes.

Amanda Mitchell

Health Insurance Broker

Favorite bourbon: Knob Creek Smoked Maple

Connection to type 1 diabetes? My daughter.

Why support JDRF? “JDRF has changed so many lives for the better. The advancements in technology are truly life-changing. I’m proud that I can do my part for such a wonderful organization.”

Chris Mitchell

Director of Kerry Automotive

Favorite bourbon: Basil Hayden

Connection to type 1 diabetes? “My daughter has type 1 diabetes.”

Go-to quarantine activity: “I played a lot more golf. I’m not that good, but I am definitely better than Ilias Simpson.”

Ilias Simpson

CEO Radial, a bpost Company

Favorite bourbon: EH Taylor

Why support JDRF? “It’s a great organization, and I think it’s so important to help the children and their families experiencing life with T1D.”

Sara Simpson

Gvoke Pharmaceutical Sales Rep

Favorite bourbon: Can my answer be Champagne?

Connection to type 1 diabetes: I've lived with type 1 diabetes for 24 years. 

Albert Fedders

CEO of Fedders Construction

Favorite bourbon: “I like small batches like New Riff’s six-year malted rye.”

Why support JDRF? “As the number of new type 1 diagnoses increases, we can and must do better to ensure a healthy future for today’s kids. We all should leave this world knowing we gave more than we took and set up the next generation for success.”

Why support JDRF? JDRF has been there for me throughout my life as a diabetic, and they are an in

Meghan Fedders

Senior Director of Finance at P&G Beauty Division

Favorite bourbon: Three Keys Distillery

Go-to quarantine activity: “I did a lot of mountain biking and anything else that would keep me outside as much as possible. It was a great and safe way to spend time with family after work.”

 Nick Filippi

Beam Suntory Territory Manager

Favorite bourbon: Old Grand Dad 114

Connection to type 1 diabetes: “After being diagnosed at a very young age, my grandfather is now one of only 90 type 1

diabetics who have lived more than 70 years.”

Go-to quarantine activity: “We had a pandemic baby, so the majority of my time was spent with our daughter, Hazel, and our newborn son, Henry.” 

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