Leading Residential Designers and Architects

Leading Residential Designers and Architects

Mary Cassinelli



Q. What advice would you give to a future residential customer regarding what they need to know about the design process?

A. Allow enough time for the process to take place. Through each step of the process, take the time to look at what is being presented. Think it through. I think the biggest mistake people make is they try to rush through it. Then their house is being built and they realize something they didn’t really think through in the beginning.

The design process is broken into different steps for a reason. You start with a schematic design, you review that, you refine that further. You bring in kitchen designers, you bring in interior designers, before you go to the construction drawings. People should be engaged every step of the way. They should pay attention to what is being presented to them.

Q. What is your favorite piece of architecture in the city?

A. My favorite piece of architecture is the pavilion at Ault Park. It has classic details; it is a very approachable structure. It is part of the park setting. I have just always loved that building. It functions as people are wandering through the park, it functions for wedding receptions, it functions for concerts. It is just a great structure.

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