Leading Residential Designers and Architects

Leading Residential Designers and Architects

Tom Warner

Architect & Owner


Q. What would you consider to be a passion project to work on?

A. I think a Net Zero project would be something challenging because it is so

new. It would give me more opportunity to learn about energy efficiency around the building envelope and medical systems and so forth. I think that will be the next wave of how we build in America and the world.

Q. What are some of the day-to-day challenges you face?

A. A lot of my work involves renovations or additions, and our building fabric of the city is traditional. My clients appreciate that when we do an addition, they cannot tell that we added on. It is seamless, it blends. With renovations and additions, you have a barrier with materials and palettes and, sometimes, even shapes and roof planes are kind of dictated. So that is somewhat limiting. If you are lucky, you stumble onto a project that is either new and the client is wanting to do something outside of the box or the project calls for a little bit more creativity.

What I enjoy about the process and my work is I am trying to solve the clients’ needs, their problems. I get my joy from their joy. If they are happy with what we’ve come up with, then I have done my job and I couldn’t be happier. I am blessed. I love my job. The creative process is fun and enjoyable, and the dessert is the client’s satisfaction with the final project.

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