Lever Golf: Game Changer - Change Your Golf Swing in Just One Day

Lever Golf: Game Changer - Change Your Golf Swing in Just One Day

Every golfer gets golf tips and techniques by the buckets. However, not many professional golf instructors can promise results like Jim Ferreri. 

“I’ve invented the easiest golf swing on earth,” says Ferreri. “And that means that it’s easy to learn, it’s easy to teach, it’s simply repeatable, and you can learn it in just one day.” Ferreri calls this secret swing “Lever Golf.” 

“Lever Golf is perfect for any golfer at any level, from beginners still learning the basics to tried and true professionals who have been playing for decades,” he says. “My mission is to bring the easiest, most comprehensible golf swing to everyone at any level. Golf should be fun and accessible for everyone willing to pick up a club.” 

With 34 years of golfing experience, Ferreri has heard his share of tips. 

“When I tell people that I’ve invented the perfect swing, they’re often skeptical,” Ferreri says with a smile. “I understand the skepticism when you hear about a new golf swing. We’ve heard it all before because everyone’s got one, and everyone thinks they will be able to figure it out. 

“It took me 10 years to develop this swing, and I can confidently say that ‘I have the answers.’” 

Ferreri’s athletic experience isn’t just limited to golf. He is an Ohio and Kentucky bodybuilding champion, played professional soccer in Germany, and was on the 1980 All-Army Wrestling Team at West Point. As a sport-specific trainer, Ferreri trained Scott Smith, who broke the world record long drive at 539 yards. He also trained Brian Summe, who won the U.S. Masters Swimming Championship in the breaststroke in the early 2000s. 

“I tell my students that Lever Golf teaches you how to know exactly where your club is at all times and how to control it at all times,” says Ferreri. “It’s also easy on your body as there is no swing plane, and we do not rotate our hands. But most importantly, there is no clearing of the hips, which causes so many injuries with the traditional swing.” 

The Lever Golf swing is based on athletic sequencing, where you perform one biomechanical movement that triggers a chain reaction of moves, which puts your body in the same position on every swing. It’s a natural motion that allows you to repeat your backswing to perfection, Ferreri explains. 

“This swing is extremely different than what most golfers are used to and produces distance, accuracy and the ability to shape shots. It will help any golfer hit straight shots, fades and draws while exerting control over the ball’s trajectory,” he adds. 

Ferreri currently teaches Lever Golf across the country. In the summer, he teaches at Beckett Ridge Country Club in West Chester, and in the winter, he teaches at Aqua in Ft. Lauderdale. 

“I teach golfers the Lever technique and they start hitting pure golf shots on day one,” says Ferreri. “It takes 365 days to master the swing, which then sets you up for a fun lifetime of golf.” 

Intrigued by Lever Golf? Contact Jim Ferreri at 859-652-1545 or visit levergolf.com to learn more. 

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