Richter & Phillips: The Coolest Place to Gather

Richter & Phillips: The Coolest Place to Gather

If you were going to make a list of where to find the coolest stores in America, you might think you need to visit places like New York City or Los Angeles. But now you can add Cincinnati to that list! 

Richter & Phillips Jewelers was recently recognized nation- ally as one of “America’s Coolest Stores” by INSTORE magazine, a jewelry industry publication. They won third place in the top category, “Big Cool.” 

“Every year, we feel privileged to bring our readers the best of the best in our industry,” says Trace Shelton, INSTORE’s editor- in-chief. “Richter & Phillips certainly qualifies ... for such aspects as innovative marketing, creative retail environment, and a unique work culture.” 

Indeed! Their unique “More than a jewelry store — a place to gather” business approach has solidified them as a Cincinnati com- munity staple for over 125 years. 

In 2016, after 40 years on the eastern corner of Sixth and Main, Richter & Phillips moved directly across the street. With this new location came more room and more clever ways to use their space. 

Unlocking The Vault 

After finishing the upstairs showroom in their new location, the Richter & Phillips team focused on The Vault downstairs. It soon transitioned from an internal meeting space with a conference table to an elegant, speakeasy-themed event space. 

They started advertising The Vault as an event space in non- profit publications to connect with their customers in the com- munity. Within two weeks, more than 30 charitable organizations showed interest in using the space — at no cost to them. 

“We realized that a lot of smaller charities don’t have meeting spaces,” says Richter & Phillips President Eric Fehr. “To offer that up is a memorable experience for them. It doesn’t cost us anything, and it brings people into the store.” 

Now The Vault is regularly in use throughout the week, ranging from small and medium events to in-store customers who prefer to view their jewelry purchases privately, away from the hustle and bustle of the showroom. 

In all things, the Richter & Phillips team focuses on customer relationships. And offering in-store events folds into that philosophy perfectly. 

“You can point and click to buy anything today. But with something you’re going to have for a lifetime, you need professionals and people who aren’t just going to sell you one time,” Eric says. 

“We’re looking for generational customers going forward.” 

Picture-Perfect Memories 

The team’s wedding and engagement expertise led them to their next exciting idea: a locally forged iron archway in the alleyway beside the store. 

“We’ve seen so many downtown engagements and wedding shoots, and we know about the entire process because we’re talking to customers about it every day,” CEO Rick Fehr says. “We knew that the archway could tie in nicely with our brand, and it could be a destination for photos already being taken near us.” 

The archway provides a gorgeous photo opportunity for all of life’s special events, and seasonal decorations throughout the year make it an even more picture-perfect location. 

This new addition is just the latest in a series of unique holiday offerings from Richter & Phillips. 

Their lasting relationship with Cincinnati restaurant Sotto has also allowed them to toast champagne to newly engaged customers over dinner. With the help of Ashlee Wooten of Eva & Co. and gorgeous flowers from Emily Rose Florist, one lucky couple enjoyed a magnificent meal from Sotto during a Valentine’s Day promotion — hosted in the Richter & Phillips Vault, of course. 

Their dazzling Christmas light displays have also been a community favorite. “We received a lot of positive feedback from our light display last year,” Eric says. “We even received handwritten letters from people thanking us, saying it looked like a Hallmark movie.” 

He cites many of the quieter moments as some of his favorite events, like running an earring purchase to nearby restaurant Nada for a customer to present to his wife. “We’ve been able to orchestrate experiences almost as cool as the piece they’re going to wear because of the story behind it,” Eric adds. 

This level of commitment to customers sets Richter & Phillips apart from the rest, and it’s what they look forward to continuing to provide in the future. 

Definitely “Big Cool” 

“As a team, we are sharpening our skills personally, becoming the best at customer service and knowledge of our craft,” Rick ex- plains. “Leadership in the industry is something we pride ourselves on. We never will be perfect ... but we’re surely going to try.”

Could The Vault be the perfect backdrop for your special event? Stop by Richter & Phillips at 601 Main St., Cincinnati, Ohio, or visit them at

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