The BMW Store: A Passion for Cars, Customer Service and Community

The BMW Store: A Passion for Cars, Customer Service and Community

For over four decades, The BMW Store has been bringing the best of Bavarian Motor Works to the Greater Cincinnati area. Starting as an eager BMW technician, Tom Schwartz obtained his franchise to open The BMW Store in 1979 to share his passion for the well-engineered vehicles that he knew inside and out. It’s been a place for luxury and performance car lovers ever since.

“This is how our concept of ‘Passion Loves Company’ came to be,” explains Marketing Director Louis Velazquez. “Tom Schwartz’s passion attracted nearly 100 employees to our store who are just as passionate and dedicated to the BMW drivers of the tri-state area.

It’s the customer relationships that keep people coming back over the years.

“Your experience at The BMW Store should be just like visiting your favorite social club or boutique,” Velazquez says. “We have a professional and consultative environment, but it’s comfortable and relaxed at the same time.”

Velazquez says that standing behind some of the best vehicles in the industry makes their jobs easy, like the BMW X Sports Activity Vehicles. These luxury SAVs can do it all.

“The X vehicles are for taking you to business meetings, then for a night out on the town and can also let you escape the city into the countryside and wilderness – and everything in between, really,” Velazquez says.

The most popular model is the compact X3. A midsize X5 was the first to be introduced in 1999, and the X7 is the latest, largest and most luxurious.

These rugged utility vehicles boast all-terrain performance while providing lush seating and state-of-the-art infotainment systems inside. All three of the X models shown here (there are also X1, X2, X4, and X6 models, too) can fit a family and its luggage when getting away on vacation, haul tools and equipment for weekend projects, and provide a comfortable ride to the office each day.

“We hope that no matter which model our drivers are in, that they will experience the perfect blend of performance, luxury, safety and innovation,” says Velazquez. “It’s hard not to be passionate about these ‘Ultimate Driving Machines.’”

Need a luxury SAV to take you everywhere you want to go? The BMW Store is located at 6131 Stewart Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45227. Visit or call 513-271-8700 for more information.

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