As all-electric cars have gone from science fiction to an everyday reality in Cincinnati, The BMW Store has announced that they’ve entered the battery-powered race.

BMW now has three all-electric models, and you can find them at The BMW Store.

“Around 2010, BMW began to introduce models with the tagline: ‘Efficient Dynamics,’” says Louis Velazquez, The BMW Store’s marketing director. “BMW was committed to producing engines that were purely BMW, both performance-oriented and better for the planet. Now, with tried-and-true Bavarian engineering and development, BMW can offer compelling choices that do not compromise performance for zero emissions. The cars are 100% electric and 100% BMW. They retain many of the driving qualities that have become hallmark BMW characteristics.”

i7 Sedan

One of the new all-electric models is the BMW i7 sedan, which brings classic BMW luxury to an electric experience. The interior curved display gives drivers all the information they need with a sleek, modern look and ambient lighting. The striking Panoramic Sky Lounge LED Roof lets you customize colors and designs for a dazzling overhead display. With a 31’’ BMW Theater Screen in the back, you might never want to leave, considering the 8k resolution and 5G connectivity includes surround sound and touchscreen displays.

“It is built for the executive or even the most pampered youngsters who are on the go,” Velazquez says.

But it’s not just aesthetically pleasing and built for entertainment. It also packs speed and performance with acceleration of 0-60 mph in 4.5 seconds and 536 maximum horsepower. It’s a perfect addition to the legendary BMW 7 Series, BMW’s most exclusive sedan lineup of 40 years, just in an electric variant. With a battery that will last 318 miles before it needs to be charged, you can concentrate on what BMW does best: luxury and performance. The i7 starts at $119,000.

“The i7 brings a whole new status symbol to the 7 Series fleet that offers buyers an exclusive electric sedan with traditional BMW styling,” Velazquez says.

Hybrid XM

New to The BMW Store is the top-of-the-line hybrid XM.

“The XM is the first pure M model since the M1 of the early ‘80s,” Velazquez says. “The XM ushers in a new era of performance for BMW’s storied M division, offering a vehicle that is a plug-in hybrid paired with a legendary BMW 8-cylinder engine.”

Sometimes called a Super-SUV, the XM has two rows with five seats and an interior with LED lighting elements that pulse when you receive a phone call. It’s a highly engaged driving experience, with 644 horsepower and all the exceptional engineering of the BMW M series. It has a starting price of $159,000.

100% Electric, 100% BMW

As with anything new, consumers might hesitate to jump on board and join other electric vehicle owners.

“There are many questions regarding everyday use in terms of range and charging time,” Velazquez says. “With proper charging, many electric vehicles can charge from zero to 100% overnight with a range of 250-300 miles. For everyday commuters, an electric BMW is an easy and smart companion.”

And no one does luxury cars quite like BMW, as its enthusiastic and loyal customer base knows.

“Traditional luxury brands such as BMW have decades of experience producing cars, developing innovation and finessing engineering,” Velazquez says. “While some electric vehicle shoppers will be new to the BMW brand, there will be many returning to our showroom who’ve had a BMW, if not several, before.

“They’re just enjoyable to drive — luxurious and performance-oriented.”

Want to take an electric BMW for a spin? The BMW Store is located at 6131 Stewart Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45227.