WISe Wellness Guild: From Burnout to Business Solutions

WISe Wellness Guild: From Burnout to Business Solutions

Burnout for women in the workplace is a real challenge, increasingly compounded by the global pandemic. Women are impacted by burnout now more than ever, exhausted by the collision of their personal and professional lives. Enter Stevi Carr, the brilliant and passionate mind behind WISe Wellness Guild. Carr connects community members to provide a “wellness match” and a platform for healthy lives, relationships, and support. 

“Early in my career I noticed that women in corporate and health care leadership roles were burning out at a rapid rate, and I suspected there was more to the story than ‘bad management’ and ‘toxic work environments,’” Carr says.  “After completing over 500 interviews, I discovered that in the pursuit of self-actualization and career achievement, women were placing their basic wellness on the back burner. Through WISe, I saw an opportunity to transform the culture of wellness at an individual, community and organizational level.” 

The premise behind WISe Wellness Guild is simple: Advance women through whole-self wellness. The community of multi-hyphenate women offers leading-edge wellness consultation from trusted experts, a curated shop of high-value products and services, and access to a purpose-driven community. It’s a collaboration between area business leaders, entrepreneurs, and consumers that has grown to reach 33 states and six countries in just two years. 

“In the last 20 years, the cost and burden of health care on our communities has skyrocketed, placing immense resource challenges on our health care systems and financial burden on patients and families,” says Carr. “WISe aims to help the Greater Cincinnati region invest in their wellness earlier. When people remain healthy longer, they can then elevate to seek lives of purpose and fulfillment.”

To discover whole-self wellness resources presented by WISe Wellness Guild, visit shop.wisewellnessguild.com. For business inquiries, visit wisewellnessguild.com/partnerships.

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