Chipotle-Backed Fast-Food Pizza Restaurant to Open in Cincinnati

Chipotle-Backed Fast-Food Pizza Restaurant to Open in Cincinnati

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering, “Hey, you know what would be a good idea? Chipotle, but for pizza!” then you’re in luck. The burrito mega chain, which is valiantly waging the war against hanger around the world, is partnering with two Boulder, Colorado restaurateurs to develop a fast-food pizza concept. And it’ll be opening in Cincinnati this fall. 

Check out the Enquirer report for the full scoop, but essentially the restaurant, Pizzeria Locale, will serve customized Neapolitan-inspired pizza put together pretty much exactly how you put together your Chipotle burrito – you’ll move along an assembly line of food as a restaurant employee snatches ingredients upon your request and scatters them across your delicious creation. The pizza – described by the restaurant as “artisanal” – will take around two minutes to cook. 

The Cincinnati Pizzeria Locale will be located in an old Johnny Rocket’s in Kenwood Town Centre on Montgomery Road. The Boulder, Colorado proprietors said they chose Cincinnati as a location for Pizzeria Locale because a smaller market was a place where they could work to enhance their brand in a city that has a growing dining culture. 

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