Hospitality is the Foundation of Tony’s Steak and Seafood

Hospitality is the Foundation of Tony’s Steak and Seafood

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Hospitality is the foundation of Tony’s Steaks & Seafood. Owner Tony Ricci has added a modern twist to the classic American steakhouse by offering fresh, contemporary fare. With an expansive and diverse wine list, unparalleled award-winning service, and welcoming ambiance, it is a restaurant unlike any other in Greater Cincinnati.

Ricci opened his restaurant in May of 2010 with the vision of being about more than just steaks. He wanted to create his own version of Cheers, the venerable bar from the hit TV show, where his guests could enjoy fantastic food at a reasonable price.

“I was born in Molise, Italy. There, the importance of hospitality was imbedded in me through the culture,” Ricci says. “I was lucky... I knew early on that my place in life was to serve great food. Ever since coming to the United States from Italy as a young boy I knew. Being in my mother’s kitchen and experiencing the satisfaction she got in serving others made me realize this was where I was happiest. Whether it was homemade ravioli, delightful cannoli desserts or a succulent leg of lamb I was hooked.”

Walking into Tony’s is like walking into the home of a family member or good friend where you are promptly greeted with a warm welcome and a smile whether you are a regular or a first-time guest. As an owner-operated restaurant, it isn’t uncommon to find Ricci personally checking in on his guests to ensure they are taken care of.

“It’s the Tony’s touch – ‘If you can meet with triumph and disaster and treat those two impostors just the same’ (an excerpt from Rudyard Kipling’s poem ‘If’) – that’s what I live by. In this business, on any given night things can go wrong and unfortunately it happens in this business far too often. To be able to rely on the owner and his staff to make sure everything is going to go well, it’s a great philosophy for everyone to buy in to. What I mean by ‘in this business,’ there are a lot of accolades and there is a lot of criticism and you have to be able to keep the scale balanced otherwise one or the other is going to get to you and you lose sight of what this business is all about – it’s about the guest,” Ricci says.

“It’s a philosophy that basically captures the essence of what dining out is about and that is the first thing that needs to happen is the guests need to feel that they are actually getting away from life for a couple of hours – to just get away for a while and enjoy themselves.”

Once those guests are comfortably settled, they will find a variety of fresh seafood, delicious steaks, and Mediterranean dishes on the menu. From delicious Alaskan crab legs to the center cut filet mignon, classic Chilean sea bass, pappardelle fra diavolo, and fresh salads, to name a few, there is truly something for everyone.

With a lively bar atmosphere, relaxing outdoor patio, and inviting dining area, Tony’s Steaks & Seafood is the premiere place for delicious food and outstanding service.

Tony’s Steaks & Seafood is located at 12110 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH 45249. You can reach them at 513.677.1993, by email at guestservices@, or visit their website at

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