Learn About Wine With Water Tower Fine Wines

Learn About Wine With Water Tower Fine Wines

Wine can seem like a complicated beast – there’s a fancy vernacular to explain it, a culture surrounding it and determining how food pairs well with it. This can all feel overwhelming enough to make you just stick to the same old wine you know you’ve always liked. 

This is why Water Tower Fine Wines holds tastings for customers. Every Saturday afternoon, customers are encouraged to wander in and sample a variety of open wines – a practice that could very well lead to the discovery of a great new wine you never knew existed. “Saturday afternoon tastings provide a little more time to talk about specifics about the wine,” says David Lazarus, owner of Water Tower Fine Wines. “The tastings are more educational and intimate, and it’s easier to discuss what flavors people might be interested in.”

Every Friday night guests are invited to stop by the shop between 5:30 and 8:30 p.m. to sample a flight of wine for $15. Chef Jan Lazarus creates light bites to accompany the wine. 

In addition to these casual and educational tastings, Water Tower Fine Wines provides an array of monthly tastings aimed at the connoisseur who already knows what to look for in a wine.

Whether you’re just beginning to dabble in the complexities of wine, or you’re a pro looking for more unique vintages, Water Tower Fine Wines is a great location for wine tastings and snagging a bottle of your favorite. 

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