Where Classic Is Always Cool

Where Classic Is Always Cool

At Bella Luna, the food looks fantastic. It tastes even better.

“We serve authentic, real Italian food,” says Harry Stephens, the owner of Bella Luna. “We stand for outstanding food and great hospitality.”

The classic Italian dishes are rustic and robust. Beginning in January, the restaurant serves food from the mountainous region of northern Italy, combining bold flavors and rich ingredients to get you through the winter. As the year progresses from winter to spring to summer, the restaurant moves southward through Italy’s rolling heartlands, serving progressively lighter fare accented by flavorful seasoning and simpler flavors to delight you in the warmth of summer. Then the journey starts all over again as December rolls into January.

This culinary journey is the type of creative and delightful experience that you come to expect at Bella Luna. It’s a place where, as Stephens notes, “classic is always cool.” 

Bella Luna is located at 4632 Eastern Avenue, Cincinnati, OH 45226. You can reach them at 513.871.5862 or visit their website at www.bellalunacincy.com.

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