CEI: Seven Specialists Giving Expert Eye Care

CEI: Seven Specialists Giving Expert Eye Care

Cincinnati Eye Institute is a leader in eye care and has been serving Cincinnati for over 75 years. CEI offers full service, comprehensive and specialty eye care to patients. Its doctors are top specialists in every field, and the impressive roster of staff continues to grow. CEI is excited to announce the following additions to their team. 


Specialty: Comprehensive ophthalmology 

Why you chose this specialty: Vision is an extremely important factor in a person’s quality of life, and as an ophthalmologist, I have the opportunity to work to preserve and improve eyesight. Ophthalmology allows me to both spend time in the operating room and to develop long-term relationships with patients. 

What you love about CEI: Everyone is welcoming and supportive. There is plenty of opportunity for continued growth, which is important in a field like ophthalmology that is constantly evolving. As an institution, CEI has a large network of resources and experts and is focused on providing quality patient care. 

What you enjoy most about Cincinnati: I knew I wanted to come back to the Midwest, and Cincinnati seemed to be a great fit. It has everything you could want in a city. 


Specialty: Comprehensive Ophthalmology 

Why you chose this specialty: Being able to give back the gift of sight is very humbling. I remember a patient who was so happy she was able to see the stars at night after her surgery that it brought her to tears. It truly is a privilege to be able to help people in this way. 

What you love about CEI: Hands down, the people. From the ancillary staff to the physicians I call colleagues, there is such a wonderful team here that fosters an authentic community. 

What you enjoy most about Cincinnati: The food, festivals, and sporting events that tend to occur just about every week have been a real treat. My favorite is the Western & Southern Open tennis event where the top players come to Cincinnati to compete. 


Specialty: Glaucoma and Urgent Care services 

Why you chose this specialty: Glaucoma requires a lot of thought and analysis, and I love the feeling of solving a puzzle to help my patients save their vision. Urgent Care clinic is much more fast-paced and active with removing foreign bodies, prescribing medication, and referring to different doctors/clinics. 

What you love about CEI: This practice is such a tight-knit community. Everyone is so nice and knowledgeable about their respective fields. If you have a question, you can always just walk across the hall and ask someone for their advice or help. 

What you enjoy most about Cincinnati: Cincinnati has a little bit of everything: great restaurants, fun sports teams, good proximity to hiking trails, and it always seems like there is something to do. 


Specialty: Ocular disease 

Why you chose this specialty: Ocular disease includes not just eye conditions like glaucoma and macular degeneration, but a wealth of systemic diseases. It’s my job to make whatever we are managing understandable to the patient, and I don’t take that job lightly. Difficult conversations are necessary when managing chronic conditions, but there is also space to establish lasting connections. I can already tell time with my patients will be very rewarding! 

What you love about CEI: The reputation that CEI has is well deserved. Growing up in the Cincinnati area, I was familiar with the company from a young age. It’s been a wonderful opportunity to join in the legacy of CEI. For patients, having every specialty of eye care represented at CEI makes managing their care easier. We have the resources and staff to best manage the vision of the people in our region. 

What you enjoy most about Cincinnati: People who live in Cincinnati love their city! I’ve lived in other states and cities and recognize that as a unique quality we have here. We love our history, food and sports and support them faith- fully! 


Specialty: Ocular disease, refractive surgery 

Why you chose this specialty: At CEI, I will be doing postoperative cataract care, comprehensive exams, and preoperative and postoperative care in the refractive surgery unit. I am excited to be the first optometrist at CEI who gets to work with the refractive team and look forward to helping build the refractive department. 

What you love about CEI: My favorite thing about CEI is the coordination that exists between all the different subspecialities. I love that there are experts in all areas of eye care that I can consult with and learn from. I am a firm believer in life-long learning and growing, and CEI is a great place for me to do that. 

What you enjoy most about Cincinnati: There is as much to do as in a bigger city, but without the traffic and crowds and at an affordable cost. 


Specialty: Ocular disease, posterior segment disease. 

Why you chose this specialty: I chose this field after working with optometrists while on a mission trip to Guatemala. Seeing the immediate impact a pair of glasses made on the people of Guatemala is something I’ll never forget. 

What you love about CEI: I love the people I get to interact with and work with every day, as well as the diversity in patients I get to manage and treat. I find it extremely rewarding and educational that I never know who will walk through the door. 

What you enjoy most about Cincinnati: I live in Dayton and I love the small town feel of the area, as well as its proximity to two major cities, Cincinnati and Columbus. I am a diehard Buckeyes fan! 


Specialty: Comprehensive ophthalmology, glaucoma, anterior uveitis, corneal conditions 

Why you chose this specialty: Throughout my residency, I developed a great interest in both anterior segment conditions and glaucoma. Additionally, it became apparent just how often these conditions become intertwined. As a result, I am looking forward to being able to provide care to patients that require treatment for more than one ocular condition. 

What you love about CEI: I love the collaborative environment at CEI. It is motivating to work alongside so many renowned specialists who are open to consulting on complicated cases. 

What you enjoy most about Cincinnati: What’s not to love about Cincinnati? Great sports teams, great food and so many neighborhoods with amazing personality. My favorite part of Cincinnati is being back home and near my large extended family! 

Are you struggling with your vision or experiencing other problems with your eyes? Cincinnati Eye Institute can help. Visit cincinnatieye.com to make an appointment. 

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