Finding out that you or a family member may have cancer is a challenging idea to grasp. Often, a patient seeks an oncology expert for a second opinion. That is where Cincinnati Cancer Advisors shines, ready to answer questions and concerns about their diagnosis. 

“Our goal is always to work together with others to improve the unfortunate journey that so many cancer patients are forced to go on,” says CCA Executive Director Steve Abbott. “We also want to make sure we help as many of the 11,000 Greater Cincinnatians diagnosed with cancer each year as possible.”

Cincinnati Cancer Advisors are experts in oncology. Their primary purpose is to collaborate with a patient’s medical team to optimize their care plan. “We typically serve as an additional, objective, and complementary resource that can help improve a patient’s outcome and quality of life. All at no cost to the patient,” Abbott explains. 

“There is no attempt to recruit the patient for care. Cincinnati Cancer Advisors is consultation only, and it provides a tremendous service,” says William L. Barrett, M.D., CCA founder. 

Patient Missy Hoffman was initially nervous to tell her doctor she had sought a second opinion. 

“I didn’t want to make them feel like I didn’t trust them, but what I learned is they like second opinions,” she recalls. “They want to hear that they are doing a good job. It’s not as though you don’t trust your doctor. It’s that you want to affirm them. So, the second opinion is really an affirmation of what is being done.”

CCA Medical Director Philip Leming, M.D., suggested a brain MRI to Hoffman, and the results revealed some metastatic nodules. 

“They are small, so I think we caught them early,” Hoffman says. “I’m so grateful for Cincinnati Cancer Advisors. You all may have saved my life!” 

Cincinnati Cancer Advisors provides virtual and in-person consultations. They strive to ensure that you receive a prompt invitation to meet with their expert team. “We want to make sure that when our patients leave, they feel empowered to decide how they will fight back against their cancer,” says Abbott. 

“We believe what ultimately inspires people to come to our practice is that they have heard great things about our clinical team, they have nothing to lose by coming to see us, and they hope to educate themselves to a place where they feel comfort- able with their own decisions.”

Would a second opinion on your cancer diagnosis help ease your mind? Visit, email or call 513-731-2273(CARE). Cincinnati Cancer Advisors is located at 4805 Montgomery Rd., Suite 130, Cincinnati, Ohio 45212.