Cincinnati Eye Institute: Vision for the Future

"CEI exists to enhance the quality of our patients' lives by compassionately providing the highest level of eye care," says Dr. James Osher, CEI Medical Director.
Cincinnati Eye Institute: Vision for the Future
Photography by Kerri Hines

The need for professional vision care is on the rise, and Cincinnati Eye Institute (CEI) has answered the call for all things ophthalmology for nearly 80 years. With 15 offices in Ohio, Kentucky and Indiana, CEI is committed to serving the greater Cincinnati community with eye care specialists to address every need.

Now, CEI is proud to announce a new facility opening in November dedicated to retina care.

“Patient demand for eye care continues to grow at a mind-boggling pace,” says Dr. James Osher, CEI Medical Director. To accommodate new patients, the retina specialist explains, CEI needed to expand its clinical footprint.

“Two main factors have contributed to this growth — an increasing number of at-risk patients and powerful new treatments for conditions that used to be untreatable,” notes fellow CEI retina specialist Dr. Robert Foster.

According to Dr. Foster, the new facility will provide enough space to meet the increasing patient demand. He says the team’s space will more than double, and their ability to participate in innovative clinical trials will nearly quadruple.

The new 48,000-square-foot facility will be located at The Landings office complex on Carver Road off of Reed Hartman Highway in Blue Ash, across the street from CEI’s 110,000-square-foot home office.

“We’ll have the most sophisticated diagnostic imaging platforms, state-of-the-art lasers and advanced surgical equipment,” Dr. Osher says.

Since moving to their current facility in 2006, significant advancements have been made in retina care.

“The discovery of powerful new medicines delivered inside the eye has transformed how many retinal diseases are treated,” Dr. Osher explains. “As a result, the care model and the structure and flow of seeing patients have changed completely.”

The new, larger facility will allow CEI to recruit top specialists, offer timely care and efficient follow-up, and accommodate growth for future retinal care needs.

“The expanded space will also increase our footprint, allowing us to offer more clinical trials for new therapies. This provides our patients with much earlier access to these innovative medical and surgical interventions that will become tomorrow’s standard of care,” says Dr. Foster. “In addition, with retina services relocating, it opens up space in our current facility to allow for an expanded range of services in other key ophthalmic subspecialties such as cataract, glaucoma, oculoplastic and refractive eye surgery.”

The new facility creates an opportunity for both retina specialists to better serve existing clients and prepare to answer tomorrow’s call for retina care services.

“At CEI,” Dr. Osher says, “our mission statement is ‘Enhance Vision, Advance Eye Care, Improve Lives.’ I strongly believe this new clinic will help achieve our mission. We’ll have world-class retina specialists working with the latest technology in a patient-friendly space while pioneering the future of eye care.”

Adds Dr. Foster, “CEI exists to enhance the quality of our patients’ lives by compassionately providing the highest level of eye care. Expanding access to care and thoughtfully redesigning our physical plant to optimize how retinal care can best be delivered will help us fulfill that powerful mission.”

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