Galia Collaborative: Changing the Storyline for Women & Girls

Galia Collaborative: Changing the Storyline for Women & Girls

Dr. Ashley Solomon is a naturally curious storyteller. Since she was a little girl, she has always been an avid learner, eager to explore the world around her. What started as a thirst for knowledge turned into a desire to create change for girls and women who needed a little extra boost. 

“During my college career, I intimately observed how obsession with food and weight had kept people trapped in torturous boxes,” says Solomon. “I didn’t want to just understand. I wanted to create change.”

Following years of supporting girls and women with eating disorders, Solomon had her own children and the need to share the voices of all became more important than ever before. In 2018, she founded Galia Collaborative as “an organization dedicated to helping female-identified people to heal in any of the broken places, grow into the identities that they want to inhabit, and to lead the wave of the future.”

Today, she works with 10 therapists, along with a psychiatrist and registered dietician, in the collaborative. The team offers individual therapy, coaching, specialized groups, workshops for business leaders, and speaking engagements, all designed to help women heal, thrive and lead. They’ve supported organizations like Fifth Third Bank, Procter & Gamble, and Ernst & Young, among others. Solomon and her team also love to partner with other area wellness leaders and have developed innovative mental health programming with partners like The Christ Hospital.

“When women repurpose their power in pursuit of their dreams, we’re unstoppable,” Solomon says.

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