Hello Mental Health: Huge Hearts, Holistic Healing

Hello Mental Health: Huge Hearts, Holistic Healing

Perhaps it’s time you talk to someone.

How do you feel when you hear those words? Dr. Bailey Bryant, Psy.D., is the founder of Hello Mental Health, a therapy practice in Mt. Auburn. And she wants those words to empower you. 

“I wish more people knew that going to therapy was not just for people who are sick or really struggling. It can be for absolutely anybody,” she says. “It can be a place where you get support, insight and feedback — and a place where you can make major life changes.”

Your mental health, after all, is a crucial piece of your overall health.

“We all take care of our finances, our bodies, our parenting styles, our friendships — and our mental health is just another piece of the puzzle,” adds Dr. Bryant’s colleague, Ingrid Krynauw, M.A.

Hello Mental Health started with Dr. Bryant’s solo practice as a side job to her work at a psychiatric hospital. Realizing how energized she felt by her private practice, she made the leap to running that business full time. 

Today, Hello Mental Health is a thriving private practice with a powerhouse team of five therapists on a mission to destigmatize mental health. 

“I have a team of amazing people who all have their own niches, and really huge hearts for treatment and helping people become the absolute best versions of themselves,” Dr. Bryant says. 

Hello Mental Health is a small, independent clinic, which allows them to cater to each client’s needs. 

“We care about every person we see, and we take excellent care of our clients,” Dr. Bailey says. “We are not a productivity-driven institution, and because of that, we have the time and space to research, consult with other experts, and bring our best to our clients.”

Hello Mental Health takes a holistic approach to helping their clients achieve wellness, and they believe that community is an integral piece of mental health. That’s why they started therapist-led “Hello Circles.”

Hello Circles are coaching groups designed to bring people together in supportive community around shared life experiences.

“They help create a sense of community and safety,” says Rebecca Carelock, LPC, Hello Circle facilitator.

“Groups are an incredibly powerful way for people to realize that they are not alone,” Dr. Bryant adds.

And, because group therapy is more cost-effective than individual therapy, a Hello Circle is a great place to start taking care of your mental health with less financial commitment.

After two years of living through the trauma of a pandemic, almost all of us could use some extra support.

“Mental health struggles are at an all-time high. We’re here to help people live as the best version of themselves and create stories that they want to be in,” Carelock says. 

When we take time to take care of ourselves, not only does our mental health improve, but so do our relationships, our community, and our city. 

“It’s a heck of a ripple effect when people love themselves,” Dr. Bryant says.

Looking for a therapist who is a great fit for you? Visit hellomentalhealth.com or call 513-444-2018. Your first 15-minute consultation is free.

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