What’s not to love about the cold, dark, dismal days Cincinnatians must endure in the depressing depth of winter?

OK, so, admittedly there’s plenty to disdain about the seemingly never-ending month of January as it settles in with a teeth-chattering chill after the warmth and non-stop fun of the holidays. Sure, your tan has faded and you’re feeling a little dumpy after eating too many pieces of Aunt Karen’s Christmas fudge…but chins up!

It’s hard to imagine, but what you are about to read is true: frigid temps will eventually give way to mild spring mornings followed by hot, non-stop-sunny summer afternoons. And let’s face it – you will want to look your forever-young best. Instead of pondering when in the world the crows lent you their feet, why not feast your tired eyes on the plethora of custom-tailored non-surgical and surgical facial rejuvenation possibilities that await you at Donath Facial Plastic Surgery?

An injectable under-the-eyes filler here; a face-and-neck tightening there; maybe an upper lip lift…

“Winter is a wonderful time to do these kinds of things,” says Alex Donath, M.D., F.A.C.S. Most of these types of procedures — though resulting in little or no downtime — do require decreased sun exposure, and you are, of course, more apt to spend less time outdoors this time of year.

Renew! Restore! Refresh!

According to Dr. Donath, neuromodulator injections — better known, perhaps, as Botox,Dysport, and the newer Jeuveau — continue to be very popular non-surgical procedures that can take years off your face in mere moments. The injections work by relaxing certain wrinkle-causing facial muscles. “They can make a very impressive difference in fine lines, especially of the upper face, and can give a subtle lift of the brows or the upper lip if the patient wishes,” Dr. Donath says. 

Some patients might prefer to have a more substantial change, and for them a dermal filler or laser treatment provides longer-lasting, more dramatic results. Dermal fillers are commonly known to fill lines and folds around the nose and mouth as well as cheeks and lips, but they can also help eradicate dark circles under the eyes – a procedure even people in their 20s are having done these days, Dr. Donath notes.

For minimally invasive procedures, “A newer trend in surgical rejuvenation of the lips is the lip lift, which is a procedure you might consider if you’ve been wanting to shorten an elongated upper lip,” Dr. Donath continues. “This can be done under just local numbing medicine in the office.”

Aging, genetics and other factors can cause thin lips, which often leads to dissatisfaction or even self-consciousness, he points out. But subtle lip augmentation can quickly add or restore volume, youth and beauty to your lips.

Winter is also the perfect time to focus on your daily skin care routine. Dr. Donath offers a full line of state-of-the-art skin care products to keep your face clean, healthy, moisturized and fresh-looking, no matter the weather. Whether you’re in your 20s or 50s, he emphasizes, it’s never too early or late to schedule a consultation. And if you are in your 60s, well, wrinkles and fine lines just naturally start to become more noticeable. But never fear, there are procedures and products that can help your skin stay healthy and beautiful at age 60 and beyond. Dr. Donath and his staff are happy to work with you one-on-one, customizing skin care regimens and skin rejuvenation procedures and treatments to ensure you look your healthy and youthful best all year round.

Donath Facial Plastic Surgery is located at 7763 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, OH, 45236 (one block west of Nordstrom). For more information, call 513.891.5438 (LIFT), email info@drdonath.com, or visit www.worldclassface.com.