Kuy Plastic Surgery, Inc.: Swiss Precision, Fat Grafting Restore Natural Beauty

"This goes well with my ideology of not making any alteration to people's faces or bodies that aren't compatible with their naturally existing beauty. I want to completely avoice a 'plastic surgery' look," - Dr. Daniel Kuy
Dr. Daniel Kuy
Dr. Daniel KuyPhotography provided by Kuy Plastic Surgery, Inc.

Cosmetic surgery can be a daunting process for many people. But not for Dr. Daniel Kuy’s patients. They enjoy the comfort and ease of having their surgery done in his office, where they also receive personalized care and advice.

“Patients are often pleasantly surprised to learn that we’re capable of performing surgery at the same surgery suite they initially visit, rather than planning for procedures at an outside hospital or surgery center location,” says the renowned surgeon and medical director at Kuy Plastic Surgery Inc.

That ability to serve patients so conveniently — and, of course, his skilled hands — has propelled Dr. Kuy’s popularity not only in Cincinnati but in Europe where he honed his art.

He is always eager to talk about his exceptional staff, who share his passion for excellence and patient satisfaction.

“I’m proud to be the medical director of an accredited surgery center and a Medi Spa, supported by incredibly talented and caring nurses — a place,” he says, “considered to be one of just a few premier practices in the field of cosmetic surgery in the tri-state area.”

Over the course of his 26 years in Cincinnati, Dr. Kuy has transformed the lives of 10,000 patients. “I average about 300 major surgical cases per year,” he says, with a primary focus on cosmetic surgery.

Dr. Kuy is certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery, and he specializes in both facial cosmetic surgery and body contouring. In addition to his Cincinnati practice, Kuy also performs procedures in Zürich, Switzerland, where he first received medical training.

“My patients are treated professionally and ethically,” Dr. Kuy says. “I apply the best Swiss precision to reach a result that I can be proud of. It feels good when people tell me, ‘They say you’re best.’ I humbly accept that compliment but would never advertise it on a billboard.”

According to Dr. Kuy, Cincinnati residents tend to have realistic expectations about improving or correcting areas they’re concerned about, and in seeking natural results. “This goes well with my ideology of not making any alterations to people’s faces or bodies that aren’t compatible with their naturally existing beauty,” he says. “I absolutely want to avoid a ‘plastic surgery look.’”

Happy Patients Share Their Experiences

Goodbye, Puffy Eye Bags

“Honestly,” says Karen S., “people who haven’t seen me for many years will now tell me, ‘You look so good! What have you done?’”

Karen had a common condition known as adipose bags, where skin below the eyes becomes puffy. “I tried everything you could imagine,” she says. “I tried all the over-the-counter remedies but nothing worked.”

That’s when a friend referred her to Dr. Kuy’s practice. “It was a fantastic first impression,” Karen says. “Of course, any time there’s surgery you have worries, but they made me feel very at ease and walked me through every step.”

Dr. Kuy performed fat grafting in combination with eyelid surgery.

Today, when friends inquire about what she had done, Karen is eager to share about her experience with Dr. Kuy. Says Karen, “I would do it again in a heartbeat!”

Tackling Aging with Fat Grafting

“I knew there were a couple of things about my face that were related to aging and gravity that I wanted to improve,” says Donna B. Her sister, a professional make-up artist, recommended Dr. Kuy. “She preferred Dr. Kuy’s work over the work of other surgeons in the area,” Donna adds.

During her initial consultation, Donna brought up the possibility of a facelift. “You already look younger than you are,” Dr. Kuy replied, “so I wouldn’t recommend a facelift.” He then recommended a fat transfer procedure, and she felt it was worth trying.

“That’s what I like about Dr. Kuy — he suggested a procedure that was minimally invasive and much less lucrative for him than other procedures would have been,” Donna says. “I felt like he truly recommended what was best for me, rather than what was best for his bottom line.”

Donna is extremely happy with her results. “It definitely makes me feel more confident,” she says. Her advice for anyone on the fence about setting up an initial consultation with Dr. Kuy? “Go for it!”

Harvested Fat Graft Before Processing
Harvested Fat Graft Before Processing

Another Fat Grafting Success Story

About two years ago, Destiny G. had an allergic reaction to a steroid shot, which caused fat atrophy — an indentation that was visible through bathing suits and underwear. “It made me pretty insecure to go swimming,” she says.

Destiny researched the market and one name kept coming up: Dr. Kuy. “He has his own surgery suite in his office, which is a bonus because it is much more private and convenient than going to a hospital for a procedure,” she says.

It wasn’t long before Destiny met with Dr. Kuy to discuss a fat grafting procedure, which Destiny says made her “feel like myself again.”

Destiny speaks highly of her experience. “It was fantastic, and I’m really happy with the results,” she says. “I am sure glad I did it! Dr. Kuy and his staff were very nice and took great care of me.”

Searching for a plastic surgeon who respects your natural beauty? Dr. Daniel Kuy is an expert in facial and body procedures and noninvasive treatments, all available at his Swiss Medi-Spa. Visit drkuy.com for more information.

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