Spero Health: Beat Addiction & Reclaim Your Life

Spero Health: Beat Addiction & Reclaim Your Life

The pandemic caused a multitude of issues, not the least of which was a spike in people’s anxiety. As a result, mental health practitioners saw a rise in alcohol and drug use. Lockdown and isolation didn’t help matters.

“When you think about substance use disorders, they are conditions of disconnection as, over time, people who abuse substances become disconnected from their hopes, dreams, families, friends, and communities,” says David Hayden, Senior Vice President of Clinical Services at Spero Health. “We want them to learn how to connect so that they can manage their emotions, improve their communication skills, and feel a part of something again.”

Spero Health, an integrated care company that focuses on treating substance use disorders, has 71 clinics spread across Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky, Tennessee, Virginia, and West Virginia. Their aim is to help people at a local level receive substance use services that encompass all of their needs in an outpatient setting. Their service providers include doctors and nurse practitioners, counselors, and recovery support specialists who work together to address the physical, psychological, and logistical needs of each patient. At Spero, they focus a great deal on group therapy, which some patients push back on initially.

“They’re still in that mindset of disconnection, so it can be rather intimidating to sit with people you don’t know and talk about the issues that brought you to treatment,” says Hayden. “The power of that group, however, is that you realize you’re not alone and that others share your same experiences.”

Spero Health’s mission is to save lives, instill hope, and restore relationships. In doing these things, patients can have back the lives they once envisioned.

“Nobody with a substance use disorder wanted this for their life,” says Hayden. “They wanted something else, and we try to help them connect to whatever that is.”

Individuals with substance use disorders typically have other physical and mental health issues, so Spero Health screens for other maladies as well. 

“It’s all about total health for our patients,” says Hayden.

Are you feeling disconnected from your family and friends and, as a result, are you abusing alcohol or other substances? Perhaps Spero Health can help. For more information, call 513-880-0016 or visit sperohealth.com.

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