There is really no place like home, is there? It’s where we rest and relax, enjoy time with loved ones and make cherished memories. For the past 17 years, Wentz Design has been imagining, building and renovating properties around Cincinnati that make the feeling of home come to life. The architecture firm prides itself on the range of its residential projects, with creative collaboration and client-driven philosophy leading the way. They transform spaces to uniquely fit the folks who occupy them, and not the other way around. With nearly two decades of customizable construction experience, Wentz Design properties span a range of architectural styles, each of them tailored exactly for their clients. The company’s project manager, Erin Seger, gives us a closer look at a variety of home styles. 


As one of the most recognizable kinds of homes, Tudor architecture typically features historic English details like gabled roofs, decorative wooden beams and two-tone exteriors. Its cottage-like characteristics evoke old-world charm found in storybooks and fables. Wentz Design kept these qualities in mind when they designed an addition to this Terrace Park Tudor.

“From the outside, you cannot tell where the 80-year-old home ends and the addition begins, but inside the home has the modern amenities and open spaces that families are looking for,” says Seger. “My favorite space in this project is the screened porch we created off the new living room. It sits high off the ground, so you feel like you’re sitting in the trees with panoramic river views.”


A classic earns its status by defying trends and staying true to what is the best. They are singularly luxurious and rich with historic details and enduring taste. When residential properties adopt and maintain a classic architectural style, they remind us how ageless and remarkable a home design can be. 

“This project looks very grand but at the same time feels livable,” Seger says of this Indian Hill estate. “We wanted the home to have a good street presence, but we also really studied the spaces and proportions to make sure it feels like a family home and not a museum.”


Over-the-Rhine continues to elevate Cincinnati’s downtown area, and the real estate is enjoying a creative facelift of sorts. Converting a warehouse into a functional urban living space is no easy task -- but the visually stunning result is worth it. With organic elements of greenery and sunlight, coupled with modern urban architecture and an industrial aesthetic, this Over-the-Rhine transformation brings the best of two worlds together. 

“This project is so stealthy -- from the street, you would never guess the oasis we created inside. The owners get all of the benefits of urban life but still have a large, private outdoor space,” says Seger.


With echoes of 20th-century modernism -- its founding principle being “make it new” -- modern homes favor clean lines, forward-thinking styles and open-space concepts. Simplicity may be key yet it’s anything but boring. This minimalist approach prioritizes functionality to make a home as comfortable and accommodating as possible.

Says Seger, “This home is very modern but I like how we used some traditional elements like shake siding and gridded windows. I think it makes the home feel warmer, and it’s a nice nod to the older traditional homes that surround it in the neighborhood.”

When you come home, you should feel comforted in the fact that the space represents who you are. Customizations, upgrades and brand-new architectural design give you the opportunity to make your home uniquely yours.

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