Evolo: A Timeless Transformation on Carriage Trail 54 Turning Up Home Tech

Evolo: A Timeless Transformation on Carriage Trail 54 Turning Up Home Tech
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When Ana Gomez, an interior designer at Evolo Design, met with clients about their newly purchased home on Carriage Trail in Indian Hill, she was confident she could realize their vision: a contemporary space for raising their family and entertaining guests.

Gomez and Evolo Design take pride in accompanying their clients from the inception to the completion of each project. This process begins with a design concept that reflects the client’s preferred styles, colors, and textures, progresses to the creation of digital renderings of the proposed space, and concludes with overseeing the construction and execution of the space.

The Carriage Trail project spanned two and a half years. “This was an investment in our client’s forever home. They were not in a rush, and we wanted to ensure they were making the right investments,” Gomez explains. “Our clients were able to use many of their existing pieces, which I incorporated into the design.”

The challenge

The modern home, built in 1988, had great bones and character but required updates to meet the family’s needs. Given that floor plans in the 1980s typically consisted of smaller rooms, Gomez knew she had to incorporate an open floor plan into her client’s design. “My clients wanted a more open layout to make the kitchen the heart of the house. We managed to create as much openness as possible between the kitchen and living room and removed the half-walls at the main entrance staircase and second level overlooking the living room by adding iron balusters and a wooden rail, creating the open space they desired,” she explains.

In addition to opening the floor plan, Gomez had to creatively find space for a walk-in pantry in her client’s kitchen. “We incorporated a large, walk-in pantry by relocating the opening to the back patio and building the pantry where the original exterior door had been,” she says. The pantry provides ample storage with built-in cabinetry and counter space for the client’s small appliances and specialty food items. “We are seeing a trend of hiding small appliances and baking gadgets in your pantry, so your main countertops stay clear,” Gomez notes.

It’s all in the details

One of Gomez’s favorite aspects of the Carriage Trail project is the mixed use of various materials. The kitchen features a combination of matte black thermofoil cabinets and back-painted glass cabinet fronts above the range. “Thermofoil cabinets were extremely popular in the ‘60s, and we see that trend coming back. They are easy to maintain and have very clean lines,” Gomez says.

“I love the black Durasupreme cabinets. They provide a timeless look in a kitchen,” she adds. “Most people believe that only white cabinets create a timeless feel. However, black cabinets can accomplish the same goal while also making a statement.”

The island is a black leathered quartzite that provides a unique texture and utilizes hidden pop-up outlets. The statement piece in the room is a custom-made live edge wood top table for dine-in seating, which is a great conversation starter. “It warms the room and pulls all the finishes together,” Gomez notes.

The kitchen is fully equipped with Wolf appliances including four Sub-Zero refrigerators, two dishwashers, a 60-inch range, a coffee maker and a speed oven. “My clients knew they wanted big appliances,” she says. “I designed the space to accommodate the 60-inch range and to make everything easily accessible, without feeling industrial.” The cooking area near the range features Bocci outlets, a flush electrical outlet system that blends well with the quartz backsplash.

Gomez counts the bar area among her favorite features of the Carriage Trail space. This area is distinguished by two beverage refrigerators that complement the open bar shelving, enhanced by the touch of herringbone wallpaper. “The wallpaper signals that the bar area is its own space, even though it’s in the same room,” she explains. “We added a glass rinser in the bar sink, as well.”

Every detail of the space was meticulously planned and executed with the clients’ input. “My clients were very involved with their kitchen design,” Gomez adds. “They knew exactly how they wanted it to be organized and set up based on their preferences and requirements.”

About the designer

Ana Gomez has been with Evolo Design for five years. Her love of travel has influenced and broadened the scope of many of her projects. She enjoys mixing materials and blending classic and modern elements in her designs. “I believe design can bring happiness and inspiration to everyone through the creation of beautiful spaces,” Gomez says. She graduated as an architect in Mexico and continued with graduate studies in interior design. She and her husband have lived in various parts of the world, including Germany, China and Switzerland. Gomez currently resides in her dream home in Columbia-Tusculum, where she loves her view of the Ohio River. Her numerous projects include renovating a historic Cincinnati landmark, an OTR loft and a private downtown club.

Interested in transforming your space into something unique? Call Evolo Design at 513-791-6800 or visit their website, evolodesign.com. Evolo Design is located at 6912 Miami Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45243.

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