Hanson Audio Video: From Blank TV to Breathtaking Art

Hanson Audio Video: From Blank TV to Breathtaking Art

Turning your TV into an elegant work of art is simple, adding amazing aesthetic value to any room.

Sure, televisions are far nicer than they used to be in terms of size, shape, and sleekness. But when that T V is off, that boring, blank screen can be a positive vibe killer.

“Who wants a black blob screen hanging on your wall?” says Troy Hanson, owner of Hanson Audio Video. “With Frame Television, you push ‘art mode’ on your TV remote to display custom-framed art where you have access to more than 1,400 works of art from world-class galleries.” 

The elegant modern design of The Frame Smart TV blends flawlessly into a room to elevate a home’s décor. 

“By placing these images of art on your television screen, you greatly improve the look of your living space,” says Hanson. 

Homeowners can select a standard TV bezel in a variety of colors. Hanson also offers elegant custom framing options that further en- hance the T V’s hanging-work-of-art appearance. 

“With all of these elegant framing options, you would never believe it’s a T V,” says Hanson. “It’s breathtaking.” 

You can easily change matting colors based on the chosen piece of art, using whatever color best complements the art and room décor. 

“You can work with whatever your surroundings are,” says Hanson. “There are so many options.” 

Some people choose to display personal photos of family vacations and switch them out based on the season of the year. Others rotate the photos or artwork depending on their style or mood. 

Hanson Audio Video has these options on display in their Montgomery Road store so that customers can experience firsthand how smart TV art works. Homeowners can also choose to place the television on a specially designed tripod for displaying the art when not watching TV. 

“Customers love how it enhances the TV room,” says Hanson. “A good example is a recent installation visit where we walked in the customer’s living room, and she’s got a framed TV with a picture of lions. It was very striking. Turns out, they were photos from an African safari she had taken. The week before, she had pictures of a trip to Paris, but other times, she displays artwork.” 

If a homeowner is entertaining, they often like to match the mood of the party with the season so, for instance, they’ll choose something wintry around Christmas or something patriotic in July. 

“You’re left to your imagination as to what you want to do,” says Hanson.” 

Want to experience television art firsthand? Stop by Hanson Audio Video’s Cincinnati showroom, 10800 Montgomery Road, or to learn more about this exquisite décor idea, visit hanson.av.com. 

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