Hanson Audio Video: Lighting Tailored to Transform Every Room in Your Home

Written by Bill Furbee | Photography provided by Hanson AV
Written by Bill Furbee | Photography provided by Hanson AV

Ready to see illumination in a whole new light?

Look no further than Hanson Audio Video, where lighting takes center stage in a specialized Lighting Lab showroom.

Within that showroom, traditional and cutting-edge designs and technologies are displayed side by side, providing a perfect display of nearly every architectural lighting option available. Bright and subtle options are provided to complement any environment or setting, from circadian rhythm lighting to multiple fixture options, color temperature, beam spread and light level control.

Living and dining rooms, kitchens, home theaters — you can find them all at Hanson. Each showroom area is lit to show the lighting options available to optimize the look of any room.

If you ask Troy Hanson, owner of Hanson Audio Video, it comes down to a fundamental understanding of light and its impact on a homeowner’s specific environment.

“We’ve been led to believe that the more lights we install, the brighter a space will be,” Hanson says. “And, to a certain extent, that’s true — but it doesn’t mean the room is necessarily well lit. By investing in just a little more planning and research regarding several types of lights, you can truly enhance viewing areas for a major impact.”

Instead of traditional lighting, Hanson Audio Video’s Lighting Lab showroom focuses on layers of light and specializes in showing how each layer draws attention to different elements of a room. With that comprehensive understanding of lighting layers, you can make the most of a room’s layout and setting in a home or office.

“Good lighting is the ability to show off the best elements of your home; it’s really that simple,” Hanson says. “In a kitchen, for example, you normally need a minimum of three layers of light — ambient ceiling light for the overall room, pendant lighting over an island and undercabinet/counter lighting for meal preparation.”

Additional layers with accent lighting highlight artwork, open shelves and dark spots, plus toe-kick lighting on a lower cabinet edge creates just the right mood, he notes.

Hanson points out that their advice and work are applicable to any budget. “We invite anyone to schedule an appointment to learn how we can help them make the most of their own home setting,” he notes.

Hanson’s work is especially in demand to improve the traditional builder-grade can lights utilized for decades.

“We have embraced all the technical advantages and the wide range of lighting options available today that can significantly improve your home environment,” he continues. “And it makes sense. Why invest a lot of money in updating decor, framing, or even staging, just to have ho-hum lighting that neglects to enhance all that effort to make the right impression? All too often, people realize this only after a home has been built and designed. Fortunately, we can step in at any point to help!”

Hanson AV’s customized lighting can be implemented in new construction or retrofitted into existing structures. “It’s a very workable process,” Hanson says. “We advise homeowners to call us and find out what we can do for them. It could result in nothing less than a complete transformation of their home.”

As its name implies, Hanson Audio Video provides a variety of residential and commercial services in addition to lighting solutions — smart home technology, automated shades, security cameras, hi-fi audio, outdoor entertainment and home theater offerings. “If you can think about it, or wish for it, there’s a good chance we can make it happen,” Hanson says.

Founded in 1999, Hanson Audio Video has two locations — in Cincinnati and Dayton — to serve its growing customer base. Experts in implementing smart home technology and exceeding customer expectations, the engineering and support staff at Hanson Audio Video have taken the lead in designing, installing and supporting breakthrough technology throughout the tri-state.

As with all of their products, Hanson Audio Video sells “good, better, best, and ultimate” solutions depending on a homeowner’s budget.

“We invite people to come out and see the difference proper lighting can make with our good, better, best and ultimate approach,” says Hanson. Area designers and architects are thrilled to be able to send their clients to Hanson’s Lighting Lab. Previously, they had to take clients to Chicago to show them proper lighting. “They’re excited that we can now do that in the Cincinnati marketplace.”

Visit Hanson Audio Video’s Lighting Lab showroom at 10800 Montgomery Road to experience the Lighting Lab and all services firsthand. For more information, visit hansonav.com or call 513-563-0444.

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