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Lighting has come a long way since the single dim light bulb hanging from the ceiling. Now savvy homeowners know that the right kind of light makes a big difference in how their home looks and feels. If you need to make your home shine, Hanson Audio Video invites you to experience the difference high-quality lighting can make in their lighting lab. 

In Hanson’s lighting lab, homeowners, architects, builders, interior de- signers, and lighting designers can see that the canned lighting that comes standard in the vast majority of homes is starkly different from high-performance quality lighting. 

“Unless people can see it, they really don’t get it,” says Troy Hanson, owner of Hanson Audio Video. “They assume that standard lighting will be good enough, but once they see and feel the difference, they don’t want the standard lighting, not with the price difference we’re talking about.” 

There was a time when the dimmer switch was the only way of changing the mood of a room. But when dimmed low enough, those lights flicker or burn out. Then when they are replaced, the color temperatures are of- ten mismatched; even bulbs bought at the same time have slightly different variances. All of this contributes to a mishmash vibe in a room. 

Everything they sell at Hanson Audio Video includes good, better, best, and ultimate options. Selections like their Lutron Ketra Lighting works with automated lighting controls to create personalized smart spaces that provide superior lighting solutions. In keeping with the circadian rhythm of our bodies, homeowners can automatically adjust the light to match the outside sunlight. So when you get up in the morning, the light in the house simulates the morning sun, which would be a high-energy blue kind of light to get you going for the day. As the day progresses, that light will change gradually into more of an orange-yellow by evening, signaling your body to relax. 

“It follows the same cycle of the sun as it goes throughout the day,” says Hanson, noting that you can program multiple scenes, combining dim levels and electronic shades, to leverage sunshine during the day and set the stage for sleep at night. “That’s great for health and well-being.” 

Homeowners may want to use high-performance lighting to spotlight specific features of the home. For instance, focused lights can highlight art objects, a poker table or a pool table. A wine room can benefit from up- lighting in which fixtures are built into the floor. Strip lighting installed in the beams of a great room can emphasize the magnificence of a structure. 

A master bathroom may include a stone wall that stuns when illuminated in the proper lighting. 

“Why invest a bunch of money into cool materials and features if you have bland lighting that neglects to enhance it?” Hanson asks. 

Changing the warmth of the bulb can also enhance a home’s furnishings. Hanson can show visitors how lighting complements good design techniques in terms of color temperature, intensity levels and the use of focused lights. With controlled light dispersion in the room, you can change the intensity of the light to make the artwork pop. 

“Lighting really sets the atmosphere for a space,” Hanson says.

Your house doesn’t have to feel dull. The right kind of lighting will illuminate a whole new home. 

Need an upgrade to your home technology, hi-fi audio or lighting? Visit Hanson Audio Video at or call 513-563-0444.