Hanson Audio Visual: Let There Be Better Light

Hanson Audio Visual: Let There Be Better Light

Sometimes when you enter a room, the vibe feels off, but you can’t put your finger on why. Troy Hanson, owner of Hanson Audio Video, finds that often the culprit of a vibe-busting room is poor lighting.  

Homeowners don’t always recognize this, however, which is why Hanson has expanded its focus on lighting improvement. The result of changing out traditional builder-grade canned lights with high-performance fixtures is hard to describe. Through working with Hanson, however, clients can experience the difference great lighting can make firsthand.

Hanson has a number of lighting lines that offer superior results in the home for setting the right mood, highlighting artwork along with other improvements.   Each line has its own specializations and offerings. “Unless people can see it, they really don’t get it,” says Hanson. “They believe standard lighting will be good enough. Maybe that’s true for some of the low-traffic rooms, but in the kitchen, bedrooms and living room, believe me, you’ll want something better.”  

Homeowners, architects, builders, interior designers, and lighting designers can see the canned lighting that comes standard in the vast majority of homes and then experience the stark difference in high-performance quality lighting. Back in the day, a dimmer switch was meant to act as “mood lighting,” as one could simply dial down the light intensity by turning the knob to the left. However, homeowners found that with traditional lights, brightness could not dim low enough without flickering, burning out, or having mismatched color temperatures as bulbs got replaced. 

“At Hanson, we have different lighting options to demonstrate what’s possible with proper lighting,” says Hanson. “Once people see it, no one wants standard lighting.” 

Just like everything they sell at Hanson Audio, their lighting options include good, better, best, and ultimate. Options like their Lutron Ketra Lighting works with automated lighting controls to create personalized smart spaces that provide superior lighting solutions. In keeping with the circadian rhythm of our bodies, homeowners can automatically adjust the light so when you get up in the morning, the light in the house simulates the light outside, which would be a high-energy blue kind of light to get you going for the day. As the day progresses, that light will change gradually into more of an orange-yellow by evening to help your body relax. “It follows the same cycle of the sun as it goes throughout the day,” says Hanson. “That’s great for health and well-being.”

Homeowners can also change the warmth of the bulb to enhance the furnishings inside the home. Hanson can enable visitors to see how much better lighting is just by implementing good design techniques when it comes to color temperature, intensity levels, and the use of focused lights. With controlled light dispersion in the room as well as focused lights, you can highlight art objects and change the intensity of the light to make the artwork pop. “It’s truly unbelievable the difference that proper lighting makes in a home,” says Hanson. 

Check out Hanson’s lighting capabilities today to see how you can transform your home with incredible lighting options, health and well-being.

Hanson Audio Video is located at 10800 Montgomery Road, Cincinnati, Ohio 45242. For more information, visit www.hansonav.com or call 513-563-0444.

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