A wide variety of people love to visit Hanson Audio Video. Some like to look around and test out the latest products, and others go to get educated on the various systems available. The thing they all have in common is a love of music. 

“We don’t expect our customers to know everything,” says Austin Worcester, system designer at Hanson AV. “We meet the customer where they are.”

Most people who come to Hanson AV know at least a bit about what makes good audio.

“They know enough to be dangerous, as they like to say,” says Benjamin Newcomer, sales expert at Hanson AV. “Our job is to make sure that when they walk out with a product, they are happy.”

It’s not unusual for customers to worry that how something sounds in the store won’t translate to their home acoustics. To alleviate those fears in special situations, Hanson’s AV staff encourages customers to take the product home to test what it sounds like there. 

“Dozens of products have gone out our door and into clients’ homes,” says Newcomer. “I can count on one hand the number of times

someone hasn’t bought that system. Once you hear the quality difference in your home, you’re going to buy it.”

Hanson AV also offers on-site installation services. 

“We don’t just provide hardware to people and say, ‘Good luck!’” says Newcomer. “We ensure it’s properly set up so they can enjoy it to the fullest extent possible.”

In addition to craving quality hi-fi audio, many clients also want the systems they buy to either seamlessly blend into their modern home’s decor or become a statement piece. They certainly don’t want a big box sitting in the corner of the room; they want to make it look good.

“Designing great audio systems is a different skill set many businesses don’t have,” Worcester says. He adds that they work with numerous manufacturers that enable them to put equipment in racks or hide them inside a piece of specially designed furniture. “There are tons of options.” 

Hanson AV sells hi-fi audio systems in good, better, best, and ultimate selections, meaning you can get great sound through dozens of equipment configurations and price points. Many of Hanson’s high-end ultimate-level items are top-rated products recognized worldwide.  

“When you look at our ultimate-level equipment, you’re awestruck that someone designed something that looks so beautiful,” Worcester says. “In addition to the ultimate sound, there is a lot of aesthetic value.”

So why do people seek out a quality music system? For starters, music connects us.

“Music is shared across every human experience no matter where you are in the world,” Worcester says. He estimates that 50% of his clients purchase new gear to invite friends over to experience music together.

“I’ve seen grown men start crying when they listen to these sound systems,” Newcomer says. “People have an emotional connection with music.”

Hanson AV carries big-screen theater equipment that offers dynamite sound systems, enabling homeowners to invite friends for “concert parties.”

“We find that people love to pour some wine and enjoy a concert with their friends in the privacy of their own home,” says Troy Hanson, owner of Hanson AV. “That experience actually offers a much better sound than what you would get at a live concert with everything else going on. You can see the artist better and clearly hear the music through a great sound system.”

These concerts are becoming more popular as vinyl records continue to soar. According to Hanson, vinyl just experienced its 15th year of consecutive growth, outselling CDs from a physical standpoint. Hanson notes that 42 million vinyl albums were sold in 2021. As a result, turntables are a hot commodity.

“Turntables are the BBQ of the audio world where everyone wants to come enjoy it,” Newcomer says. “Again, it’s a group experience, not just a solo experience.”

Hanson AV makes purchasing their dream audio system a delight. “The first thing customers should do is run home like a little kid, rip it open, hook it up and enjoy it,” Newcomer says. 

Hanson AV will help to make sure you do just that.

Need a dream audio system? Hanson Audio Video is located at 10800 Montgomery Rd., Cincinnati, Ohio 45242. For more information, visit hansonav.com or call 513-563-0444.